Why I Celebrate: Chloe’s Second Birthday

As a child, I never understood birthdays. Sure, I loved getting presents and a chance to choose my favorite meal for dinner, so I didn’t question the tradition too much–but why a day to celebrate that I was born? I didn’t do anything to make the day happen, so why a day for me?

But after having children, I understood the answer.

Chloe, I look at you, and I realize that birthdays are just as much for those throwing the party as the one throwing the wrapping paper.

They are a chance to thank God for the precious gift of you while you enjoy all of yours.

They give a reason to spend one more day together as a family, laughing and loving; one more day to remember how the family changed for the better two years before.

And they are a day to remember the beautiful colors this life contains and how you made each of them a little brighter.

Happy Birthday, sweet Chloe. You truly are God’s gift.


How does your family celebrate birthdays? What do birthdays mean to you?


4 thoughts on “Why I Celebrate: Chloe’s Second Birthday

  1. She is so precious and i love the "balloon" art. The pictures are wonderful and you can see how Chloe so enjoyed her special day.


  2. Birthdays were big in my family. It is the one day of the year that is all about you and how happy we are that you exist and how much we celebrate that you came into this world that day. In Matt's family they were just birthdays. So it was an adjustment for us getting married and I had lots of hurt feelings the first few years 🙂


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