The Bride

I woke up that morning and couldn’t really eat, my body full of excitement rather than food, and I carried that emotion with me the whole day through–as the last pin was placed in my hair and veil secured to the top of my head, as I completed my make-up with the shiny lipstick and a smile, and as I stepped into the full, white dress that transformed me from an ordinary young woman to a glowing princess.

I wasn’t nervous, but I was eager. The day was full of newness. We would see each other for the first time that day as I walked down the aisle, and we would leave together for the first time that night as we drove away, never again to return to separate homes.

The waiting was beautiful and fun and, parts, reminiscent of elementary school as we passed notes and messages through the hands of our best friends. The waiting, which started months before and, at times, seemed to pass too slowly, was now at its end, as I stood alone with my father outside the doors to the sanctuary.

What would he think as I walked down the aisle? Would I take his breath away?

And then the moment came as the piano played, and the crowd rose, and we walked through the open doors.

And the day was beautiful, the one day in my life that was truly full of joy and nothing else, not tainted by the pain brought into a fallen world, a day when my smile stretched from ear to ear as I took the hand of the man I would love forever.

Almost nine  years later, that day can seem so far away sometimes.

But I remembered as I sang the lyrics that flashed across the screen, and, for a moment, my body tingled with joyous expectation.  I remembered feeling beautiful in white; I remembered longing to meet my groom. And for the first time in my entire journey of faith, I understood for a moment what it means to be the bride of Christ:

When we arrive at eternity’s shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we’ll sing… You’re Beautiful*

The excitement, the twinge of nerves. Facing the one who knows my past yet sees me radiant, clothed in white. And finally taking His hand as we begin our new life together, no longer going home to separate places but instead stepping into eternity together, an eternity with joy, an eternity with the absence of pain or tears from a fallen world, an eternity begun with redemption.

It’s beautiful.

* “You’re Beautiful” Music and lyrics by Phil Wickham


What emotions did you feel as you waited for your wedding to begin? Has a song ever brought to a life for you a truth found in Scripture? Linking up with Michelle and Jen this week.



14 thoughts on “The Bride

  1. Wow that was, well…beautiful! I never really listened to the words of that song before. Incredible! I remember my day very much like yours. And I remember just being so giddily happy that I felt like I was floating through the day. Hard to imagine being more happy then that, but when we meet Him face to face I'm sure we will! Great post Jen.


  2. i LOVE this post. i love this song and i love you. i remember your wedding day, as if it were yesterday. You were (and still are) absolutely gorgeous. Whenever i hear this song, it makes me teary. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece.
    Love you, Mom


  3. This a great post, Jernnifer. You are truly a child of God and I know He is pleased with you.
    Looking at the photo of you and I walking down the aisle brought back memories for me, your Dad.
    My first daughter I reluctantly gave away because of the closeness you and I always shared. But I gave you to a good man. Nine years, you are makng me old. That picture reminds me of the full head of hair that was mine back then. Yes!, it was mine! I PAID FOR IT!

    You were a beautiful bride and your Mom was a beautiful mother of the bride…… and still is.

    But back to a serious note, your words brought new meaning to that song. Jennifer you are my
    beautiful daughter and your heart is as beautiful as your looks. I love you,


  4. The song was so pretty. I am going to download it. I remember being very scared about being in front of people (worlds worst stage fright), excited, and tired (hadn't slept much the nights before), It all was better when I was up there with my future husband though.


  5. Beautiful post {beautiful dress}. My husband and I are going on nine years, as well! The anticipation of heaven is glorious. Thank you for painting that picture!


  6. Oh, that note from your dad brought tears to my eyes, too! I think you have made such an amazing connection between your wedding day and what it feels like to be the bride of Christ. To be together forever? Never going back to separate houses? A beautiful thought indeed.


  7. songs..yes..all of the time. This gave me a new perspective on death..and how I might picture it. Such a joyous occasion when your His..never to go to separate homes again…beautiful


  8. Beautiful. Even though it was 36 years ago I remember JOY. The whole day was pure joy. I'm eagerly looking forward to the day I will be the bride of Christ.

    Thank you for allowing me a peek into your wedding day.



  9. The song gave me a new perspective, as well. And I have to say, I really like this way of viewing death. 🙂


  10. the one day in my life that was truly full of joy and nothing else, not tainted by the pain brought into a fallen world,

    What an incredible gift! How sweet this makes your memories and your hopes.


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