While She Lay Asleep

I washed my face and splashed the water over my eyes, hoping to rinse away the sleep that still lingered. Matt was gone, and the rest of the week on my own began. I stared in the mirror wondering what would await me this time, and I searched in my eyes for the determination to face it. And in my moment of apprehension and negativity, I heard footsteps in the hall. I sighed to myself as those footsteps traveled to my own room, a small body rustling the sheets on my bed.

But then I opened the bathroom door and looked.

I remembered the words of another mother. I always look at them while they’re sleeping.

And so I did. I stared at the round face and porcelain skin. I took in the long eyelashes and pouty lips. And my eyes ran over each disheveled strand of hair atop her head.

While she lay asleep next to me, I went through my prayers, prayers for strength, prayers for wisdom, prayers of gratitude, and prayers of urgency. I want to enjoy them.

I looked over at the sweet face next to me, and I stared. She’s just a little girl. They’re just little children. And I reminded myself of their innocence with pictures of full hugs and kisses while another part of me thought of what they are capable. They have a sense of right and wrong. They know when they are defiant, and they know how to obey. I thought of the responsibility that I have and must teach. And my mind wrestled to reconcile the conflicting thoughts running through my mind.

But for a moment I just stared.

There was still time before she would awake, time before I needed to know the answers.

8 thoughts on “While She Lay Asleep

  1. What a precious picture. I love how real you are with your feelings about your parenting successes and "failures" (you are a great mom, even when days are hard. It's easy to tell from your love). I still think if you have not you should read Love and Logic. Great stuff.


  2. It's hard to believe there will come a time when they no longer crawl into our beds but we'll be tempted to crawl into theirs – just to relive the memory.


  3. I need to look at mine asleep with eyes fully open rather than squinting in the dark when they shake me awake. I think squinty eyes don't make for a very happy Mommy face. Eyes wide open, when they are asleep….mmmm….yes!


  4. That picture is adorable! They are a test, they are only a test, if it had been a real test, God would have given us more patience! Hang on, it gets better, then it gets worse, they continue to do even dumber things when they get older… I don't know where they get that from?


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