Ten Things My Daughter Says

For the second night in a row, my husband and I are up at 11 p.m. and cannot  go to bed. Last night, we were held captive by the power of Easter candy sugar highs on our son and daughter, obviously tired but unable to fall asleep. Tonight, we are subject to the tears of our little girl brought on by a lost binky. And since that daughter is rolling all over my lap, unable to sleep without her precious pacifier but fully capable of spewing out sentences that her not quite two-year-old self can already say, I decided to write this post in her honor : Ten Things My Daughter Says

10. Mommy, where’s my bing-kee? (Oh, how I wish I knew)

9. I want ‘andy. (candy)

8. I want choc-it (chocolate–are you noticing a pattern?)

7. Mommy, Hammah Gyace is spit-in on me! (Hannah Grace is spitting on me)

6. Mommy, Ha-yub is hittin’ me! ( I was so relieved to learn that she could tattle on both her sister and brother, Caleb)

5. I do it! (Of course you do. How silly of me to think you needed help)

4. Mommy, hep me, peas. (help me, please. And dear Lord, help me, please, too)

3. I need to go potty (any time she wants to get down from her highchair, stroller, or out of bed)

2. Two minutes. (Her request for her mommy or daddy to stay in her room for just two more minutes at bedtime)

1. Hammah Gyace–look ah me! What happen? (to her three-year-old sister having a tantrum)

Clearly we have a very bright, independent, and, perhaps, bossy little girl. Now if she would just stop talking, I’d love to go to sleep. Linking up with Oh Amanda for her Top Ten Tuesday.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

13 thoughts on “Ten Things My Daughter Says

  1. Your children are adorable and clearly a great source of inspiration for funny posts. I heard Isabel last night threatening her brother: "Well, if you don't, then I'm going to throw this in the trash." Which I thought was mean, until I realized she sounded just like me when I say it. Oh well. There is an idea for another post 🙂


    1. Ha ha! So true, Gaby! I've learned what a meanie I can be when I hear my words repeated back through my children! 😉


  2. Can just hear her little voice saying all those sentences and more! Of course, my favorite words are,
    "I love you, Mimi." 🙂


  3. OOhhh, I can't wait until my little one can tattle on his older brother, hahaha! I love writing down the fun things they say, it'll be such a great memory when they're older.


  4. I love it. I love toddler talk. Chessa used to say "no-no" when she didn't want something and now it's just "no." Somehow 'no-no' was so much cuter.


  5. It's funny how they go from being cute and annoying to being older, still cute, but me annoying them… I tried to warn them that there were consequences for their actions!


  6. I love her little voice. I remember when she only said no and would sing, No, Jesus Loves Me. Now I love it when she says Yes! They are all so precious! Their smiles light up a room!


  7. You've got one smart little chickadee on your hands- if she's already figured out that 'going potty' is the magic words. No body wants a pee/poop incident in the high chair!

    She's adorable. And can you blame her for wanting more candy??


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