For anyone who reads my blog, figuring out those areas of my life with which I struggle probably isn’t too difficult. The longer I have been a Christian, the more I realize how far I am from perfect, and the longer I’ve been a wife, the more I wonder how Matt still wants (or at least commits) to being married to me.

And while I try to work on these many areas of my life that need improving, there is one area in which the guilt I feel for not already doing better gnaws away at me daily. I don’t even have to write it–you know. I want my children to have a better mother.

I pray daily, multiple times a day, for wisdom, patience, and whatever other attribute is needed to successfully raise these precious lives. And I’ll be honest–the last few weeks I confronted God with my frustration: Why don’t I feel like you’re answering my prayers? Why is parenting so hard for me? Why do I actually have to work to enjoy it instead of just enjoying it?!

I’ve already written about the first epiphany I had; I dumped my cleaning schedule. I feel the answer to my prayers is much in the same light as this first epiphany–I need to dump some more. And I need to rest.

There is no reason that I should walk around daily carrying a ball of stress within me. I’m not the CEO of a company, nor do I have major deadlines to meet. I’m a wife and mom, and I like to blog. I enjoy exercising. I try to cook from scratch, and I do my best to provide a healthy environment in which my family lives. All of these passions take time and energy, but they shouldn’t cause stress (or, at least, daily stress).

I had contemplated a few more things that I could do to achieve this rest, but I had to sort through my thoughts. I wanted to make sure fatigue wasn’t causing me to become lazy or apathetic. But I’m sure now.

The next thing I’m dumping, at least for now, is ‘Journeys.’ Let’s be honest; I didn’t have a line of bloggers waiting to link up with me, and that was never the reason I started ‘Journeys’ in the first place. I know if nothing else, God taught me, and I grew through the experience of deliberately writing on what He was showing me every week. And for months, I didn’t have trouble thinking of a topic.

As of late, however, this writing has felt burdensome, and not in a good way. Previously, I dreaded Thursday nights because, typically, the writing was painful for me. Now, however, I just dread having one more thing to do.

I never want my blog to feel that way, especially over a self-imposed goal. I still plan to write regularly, but I want to write with less of an agenda. I want to write because I enjoy writing, not because I have to write.

I may still place the ‘Journeys’ button at the bottom of a piece if I feel God has taken me along a certain path, but I am not going to sponsor a regular Friday link up right now. I may come back to it later, but for now, I want to rest.

I want to rest with my children over this summer break, and I’m going to continue dumping those tasks that are distracting me from focusing on them. I need to simplify, and as much as I hate to confront the facts, simplifying might mean taking a look at my blog habits, as well. I’d love to write as a career someday, and I’ll still work to hone my skill, but today writing is not my career.

I left a career I loved because I felt there is no job more important than that of a parent. My title now is ‘Mommy,’ and these crazy kids need to be my focus. And you guys know they are crazy.

Thank you for walking along with me on my all my journeys. I hope you will continue to do so. Just know that during the summer I have no intention of waking up at five a.m. so that I can tell you about them.


A big ‘thank you’ toย Michelle andย Kendal for consistently linking up on Fridays for ‘Journeys.’ I hope my readers will continue to stop by their sites, as well!

6 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I'm behind you 100%. I've said it since the first time I read your writings, you today, as the very first day have written perfectly from your heart and pulled us into your world and heart. From my vantage point God is using you to be and help mold the children he placed in your care perfectly according to His will.
    I hope you have a great summer with your kids, they go by so fast…
    Thanks for your sacrifice to share your world, it's been a blessing. I'll look forward to an even more renewed, rested, passionate Jennifer in the future.


  2. I was a fanatical cleaner when my boys were little. I worked when they were small, and still tried to be the perfect wife and mother. When my 4th child was born, I no longer worked outside of the home. I had to learn to let the house get a little messy and disorganized for my own peace of mind. Now, years later, I have to say that a little mess still bothers me, but doesn't send me into a tail spin like it used to if everything wasn't in it's perfect place. The world didn't fall apart because I didn't get to vacuum that day. Your doing a great job with your kids Jennifer. God knew just who could do the best job with those crazy kids and thats why He chose you. Dumping some of those tasks that put so much added stress in your life, is a wise decision. You have done beautifully with your blogs and I look forward to reading them again in the future. See you this summer!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Leigh. I still plan to blog–I actually need the outlet to find perspective many times–but I'm going to start erasing some of the rules I set. I want to get more readers, and I'd love to have a 'successful' blog someday, but I have to remember in what season of life I am right now.I look forward to us getting together this summer. I need to take a look at the calendar and find some local events for us to do with the kids!


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