The Haunting Spirit

There once was a dog who was a bit weird. He would sit in corners and shake for no apparent reason. He refused to go outside to pee, spreading his legs as wide as he could muster in an attempt to not fit through the back door when being thrown out, and he would jump at said door until the pads of his feet bled. However, despite his apparent disdain for the outside world, if the front door were opened, he would make a mad-dash to escape.

His frustrated owner would often tell him If you hate it here so much, why don’t you keep running?

But, alas, the dog would always return, or, at least, he was always returned.

A certain husband was in love with this dog. In fact, he was so in love with this dog that he would never feed the dog in the morning or put this dog on a leash to take him outside to do his business (since the leash was the only way to drag him out the door and keep him out).

This certain husband would not entertain the thought of giving this crazy dog away.

And a certain wife loved this dog because he was hers, but she didn’t like this dog. However, her love for this dog compelled her to take him to obedience training while she was nine months pregnant.

The training didn’t stick, and after the baby was born, the dog still refused to go out when the door was opened for him; however, he made his case known that he was not happy with his life-situation by peeing on the carpet every time a certain wife with a 17-month-old and a new baby nursed her new baby upstairs. Every time.

As a last-ditch effort, this wife called a very expensive dog-whisperer, even though she really couldn’t part with that kind of money. It didn’t matter–the dog-whisperer never called her back.

Finally this wife had had enough. Despite her husband’s love for the dog for whom he did not feed or walk, this wife called a rescue agency. After all, she was in desperate need of being rescued. After crying and having her therapy session on the phone with a woman from this agency, the arrangements were made, and this dog is now in a good home.

But his spirit lives on.

Someone else has taken his place. Yes, the child who was in the womb of a certain wife during the obedience training felt the spirit of this dog and has decided that she must vindicate him.

This child was trained in the way of the potty at 21 months old. Nevertheless, the child with the spirit of the crazy dog has taken on his ways.

Every time a certain mother mops the floor, this child with the dog spirit pees on it. Every time. Sometimes twice.

And a certain mother has a certain warning for this certain child:

You don’t remember Baxter, but I do. I gave him away, and I will give you away, too. Your grandmother’s house is waiting….

7 thoughts on “The Haunting Spirit

  1. The comment above was obviously penned by said “Aunt” of the child who is, was, and always will be welcomed in my home forever. I love my HG and all one can say is she marches to a different drum.

    Ahhh, yes, Baxter certainly was a challenge but i loved that critter, too. Had we not had Oscar & Tobasco, i totally would have wanted him. Every time we see a Boston Terrier, we wonder if it’s him. šŸ˜¦


  2. Ah, the joys. We gave away a very loveable but dumb lab when Noah arrived and we moved into a two-bedroom appartment with an 18-month old, a newborn, two dogs and the furnishings of a four bedroom house. He is in a better place now (a home, not heaven!). Like we say in the South: bless his furry heart.


    1. Yeah, my family is all from up north, so I've never heard my mom use that expression, but you're right–it's very common down here. I just said, “this dog has to go!!!”I can't imagine having two dogs and two kids all in an apartment–and big dogs, at that. It's amazing how kids change everything, don't they?


  3. Wait a minute…. what grandma's house. We still have a dog who thinks he owns the house and will from time to time pee to mark his territory.


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