A Mother’s Strength

I often wonder how she did it, how she raised my sister and me states away from her own family, many nights alone while her husband traveled every week. I never felt unloved or neglected by my father, but I know now the added stress for a mother who feels like she is parenting alone.

I never knew she felt tired or lonely; I never knew of her aggravation or frustration. I saw unity from my parents and felt blessed to have a family held tightly together.

It is only now, as she reaches out to me as one who understands, that I understand the strength of my mother.


When I look to how I parent, how I love, how I cook, how I clean, I realize the imprint of my mother that I carry over me. I’ve sought her example and advice for issues ranging from fevers to family.

But my mother-in-law didn’t have a mother’s wisdom from which to draw. Having lost her own mother at a young age, she was not afforded the same opportunity to learn as I. Yet when I look at my husband, I marvel at the imprint she left on him. I marvel at the children she raised and the love that she shares.

And it is now that I share life with my husband and accept wisdom from her own lips that I understand the strength of his mother.


Happy Mother’s Day to my mothers who have taught me more about strength, not with words, but with their lives. I pray that one day my children, too, will see a strong woman when they look into my eyes the way I do when I look into yours.  Love your daughter, Jennifer




7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Strength

  1. Jennifer, thank you for your beautiful words. My cup runneth over with so much love !!
    Your children (my precious grandbabies) are BLESSED to have you as their mom. You pretty much exemplify Prov.31.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you too, my honey girl.


  2. Very nice, Jennifer. I always told you and Lisa that your mother is not just a mother because she gave birth; that' was the easy part. Mom works at being a mother. She is there and will always be there when you need her, she takes care of your needs before you even knew you needed them and would, without hesitation, give her life for you girls. And her grandchildren, is there any doubt about her lolve for them? You girls are blessed. Much of proverbs chapter 31 reflects your Mom; not all the stuf about making clothing or lookikng for wool and flax. Your Mom can't sew to save herself. And to crochet??? Forget about it!! You did good Jen; your Mom and Mother in law are certainly a blessing to you and Matt.



  3. Such a wonderful thing to write about both of the mothers (and children's grandmothers) in your life. While my mom and I have a wonderful relationship and one I hope to have with my own daughter, it is my mother in law who saves me daily. And now I have to remember to make sure she knows how much I appreciate her as well.


  4. Awe, Jennifer. Thank you for the kind words. I am truly blessed and so thankful that you are part of our family! Thank you for remembering me. You do have the most important job on earth, raising my precious grandchildren and being the wife of my wonderful son! Happy Mother’s Day!! I Love you!!!


  5. Very nice! My MIL is probably most like your mom–a military wife who held down the fort. I wish I didn't show my children all my frustration and hair-pulling moments as much as I do but at the same time they do still see their father and I working together even when he's at sea. So hopefully it is a realistic portrayal. My mother parented under different challenging circumstances and that too helped to be resolved to work really hard to conquor the distance. I am very grateful to my in-laws for raising DH to be the man he is. Stopping by from Mama Kat's…


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