In the Garden

As we poked seeds into the little holes we dug with our fingers, an excitement filled my body. Our second garden was taking shape, herbs next to their compatible vegetables instead of separate like the year before, a new bed dedicated to wildflowers by the lone Dogwood tree.

Last year was our first attempt at a garden, and I found fulfillment in the experience. When I’d walk out in the mornings to water the plants already thirsty from the Georgia heat, my mind would dwell on the spiritual. I’d think of the Master Gardener and His precision pruning. I’d think of the circumstances of life beyond my control, the seasons of drought or the times of refreshing rain.

But as I was sitting with dirt creeping in my socks and filling the small spaces between my fingernails and skin, my thoughts weren’t nearly so deep. Nor are they this morning.

Instead, I am an anxious little girl waiting for Christmas to come, wondering what presents I will unwrap in the morning,

wondering if our stockings will be filled to the brim with peppers this year unlike the year before,

wondering if the kids will sneak their gifts before Christmas day arrives.

Do you have a garden? What is the most fulfilling part of the experience for you?

7 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. One of the things i plan(t) to do when i retire is have a wonderful garden.
    Flowers and vegetables. So now i know who to call for advice.
    Chloe looks adorable. Did the kids plant their own garden this year?


  2. the garden is GOING! i'm on spring break this week and have gotten to plant some. herbs on the back deck. veggies in what used to be the front yard. yours looks to be a few weeks ahead of ours. we're a little farther north, though. i have two pics on the post i'll link to yours on friday.


    1. How funny that we both wrote on our gardens on the same day! We probably started ours a little early, but Matt was also on vacation to coincide with the kids spring break. We took advantage of everyone being home. We'll have to compare pictures during the summer. 🙂


  3. Don't you love that new life? My favorite part is sharing the garden, in each stage. Planting with those you love, harvesting for them, sharing with others…I love it!


  4. The miracle of life is breathtaking and breath giving, what a wonderful experience to share with your kids. Those are the things everyone remembers. No, I don't have a garden… I think you might know that I'm just not up to the bout with the weeds… We do however have two very delicious orange trees that yield twice a year. The most fulfilling part of the orange trees is that I don't have to do a doggone thing except pick em' and eat em'. I am a little surprised to find that you actually got your hands in the mud…My, MY, MY… We are making progress!


  5. We have a pot garden. I can't wait to see if they continue to grow! I love the word choices you made in this post.


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