The Journey to Iceland

“We’re going to see Iceland.”

I looked up from the mess I was clearing away at the table to see my daughter, dressed in a cowboy hat, coat, and little pink backpack filled to the brim.

“Iceland?” I questioned.  I was certain I had never told my three-year-old about Iceland, as geography is not my thing, and I was curious as to where she learned of the place.

“Yes, Iceland.  We need to go.”

I could hear my son in the playroom, clamoring to fill his own bag with necessities for the trip.

I was instantly concerned.  When my son emerged, he was wearing a blue vest and a baseball cap.  I wasn’t sure that they were dressed appropriately for the journey, and I feared that they would need more than the bags on their backs for this kind of adventure.

But they were ready to go, and my questions about the weather and where they would stay once they arrived did not deter them from taking that first step out the back door.

As I grabbed my camera and coat (wouldn’t you take a camera if you were heading to Iceland?), I couldn’t help but wonder where this journey would end and what I would find.  I wanted to act in my kids’ play, but I needed to understand my character’s motivation first.

Unfortunately, it’s not unlike me to focus on the destination instead of the journey in more than just my children’s play.  When I feel God’s leading, I want to know all of the details immediately before I begin.  If I am going through a trial, I know God will use it for good, but I want to know what that ‘good’ is while I struggle.  If God calls me to Iceland, I want to know how to pack.

During the Christmas season, it’s easy for me to sing about Emmanuel and nod my head and smile as I think of the baby in the manger.  I can proclaim that God is with us as I recall the story of the virgin birth and a newborn whose arrival caused the heavens to break open in songs of praise while a group of shepherds shook in awe and fear.

I know Emmanuel, yet I forget what His name means.  I forget that not only does God orchestrate the journey with an end that fits perfectly in the giant puzzle of the universe but that He also takes the trip with me, offering to carry my pink backpack when the load becomes too heavy or take my hands in His when I’ve forgotten my gloves.

Emmanuel.  God With Us.

Even on trips to Iceland.

I watched as Hannah Grace led the way through the yard, determined that we make it to Iceland in time for dinner.  We were to have Taco Bell.  And suddenly, I heard an important piece of information:

“Hurry!  Iceland is waiting for us, and he’s going to take us to Taco Bell.”  He.  Iceland is a person.  The story began to make sense (well, sort of).

So we journeyed on to the place in our yard where a beautiful summer garden once bloomed, and we ate Taco Bell with Iceland.  And I learned that I didn’t need to worry at all; we had exactly what we needed for the journey.

If you haven’t already, check out yesterday’s post to see what’s starting new this Friday!

7 thoughts on “The Journey to Iceland

  1. Beautiful my sweet friend! I love your heart!!! 🙂 Yet another reason that I am so glad that our boy's love each other!!!


  2. So. Stinkin'. Cute! Can't wait until my kids are old enough to take me on their adventures.

    I echo you in my need to know all the details so I can "pack". This Christmas was the first time I reflected on how Mary must have felt to be so young with an infant and such a seemingly overwhelming task. To raise God's son! I barely feel competent raising my own! She must have had the faith of a child, as I'm sure she had none of the details given to her. I'm certain God would have known better than to choose me for the job – and there is quite a lesson there.

    Was "Iceland" their name for "Aslan"? And Taco Bell? Kids are just too much fun sometimes.


    1. They don't know about the land of Narnia, yet, so I don't think they were trying to say Aslan. Hannah Grace has tons of imaginary friends, and she loves to give them all names. One day, she decided she had four children; their names were El, Ella, Ellie, and Johnny. She also has a friend named Gel. And Taco Bell–I don't know what that's about. They've had it one time in their life, thanks to a certain Grandma. I definitely have fun watching them play and create. I'd be interested to know exactly what was going on in their minds, though!______________________________________


  3. The reflection process in your life I see God using in your children. These are the ones I enjoy the most. As God opens your eyes to wisdom, He uses that process to open ours. Thanks for your obedience. Looking forward to Friday.(no pressure!)


    1. Yes, I have never learned so much about God and my need for Him since having children!________________________________________


    2. Yes, I have never learned so much about God and myself since having children!________________________________________


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