Resolving to Make a Resolution

As the holidays came to a close, the tree and ornaments taken down and put away, I let out a quick sigh for the vacuuming that would have to take place tomorrow.  Normally at this point in the new year, I feel a little let down, as if all the build up and rush for that one special day had come and gone and took a little of the satisfaction with it.  However, this year eagerness follows as I step into January.  The end of December was filled with all the frantic rush and hurry from one place to the next as is typical in our holiday traditions, but the time was perfect.  And now, I am anxious to start fresh, and for the first time, I resolved to write down concrete, measurable resolutions.

A couple of those resolutions relate specifically to developing as a writer and taking my blog to the next level.  Over the last few months prior to the holidays, I started to write more frequently, largely in part to figuring out the time of day in which I had the best chance of writing successfully, and I want to keep that momentum going.  In addition, I want to take a risk and invite others to join me.

Six months ago, I started ‘Focus On It Friday‘ as a way to force my thoughts toward all the good in my life.  After the birth of Chloe a year and a half ago, my life had taken a crazy turn, and I wasn’t always pleased with the way I parented or how my children acted. We weren’t able to sell our home, and Matt’s long days at work continued. Many mornings started with frantic rushing, and the evenings seemed filled with chaos.  However, God showed me, without fail, that I could easily write about something for which I was thankful every Friday.

I needed those Fridays to reflect, but now I feel a pull in a different direction.  Over the last year, I have learned that, not only is life a journey, but so are the times of learning when God grabs my hand and tries to open my eyes and my mind to His truth.  While this last year I needed to focus on having a thankful heart, I now need to focus on the journey, and I want to invite you along.

Every Monday or Tuesday I will share a word or Bible verse relating to a spiritual topic, and I will spend the week reflecting on that idea.   On Friday, I will post my reaction to that topic, and I would love for you to share your reaction, as well, by linking your post to my blog.  Your post can take many forms–use your own creative flair as you explore the theme for the week.

My hope is that God will teach me more about Him through this time of reflection, and at the same time, others will be encouraged through what they read.  I will strive to create a safe place where people can reflect, whether they are long-time Christians or uncertain about their beliefs.

So what do you say?  Will you join me on this journey?

This week’s journey: Joy

8 thoughts on “Resolving to Make a Resolution

  1. I love your new initiative — way to be brave and take a risk in the name of God! I will join up for sure — I hope this week, but certainly in the future. Best wishes on this new journey in community, Jennifer.


    1. Thank you, Michelle! I am honored that you would consider joining me. Your words are always beautiful, and I love the honest questions you ask about your faith.____________________________________


  2. I like your idea, Jennifer. I don't write as often as you do, but I will do my best to join in as I can. I will definitely be reading yours, though!


    1. There's no pressure at all, but I will be thrilled on those Fridays when you join me! I know anyone who likes to read my blog will love your posts, too. 🙂 Thanks for reading!____________________________________


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