The Shoes

Had I seen them on display in the store, I probably would have walked right past.  Zebra-striped shoes that sparkled?  Yeah, not my type.  However, I saw these shoes on a friend, and I thought she looked sharp.  I asked where she got them, and she replied from Target for $12 or $13–even better.  So when I went into Target, and I came face-to-face with these shoes (should I have said soul-to-sole?), I bit my lip and doubted this decision.

They didn’t look navy on her.  Do I really want shoes that sparkle?  I’ve never been into animal print.  Maybe I’ll just get these plain black ones instead….

I deliberated for a ridiculously long time in the shoe aisle of Target.  I decided on the black shoes, walked away, and then came back.  For all of my insecurities, I was drawn to these shoes.

I’m not very fashionable.  I never know what’s in style until it’s been in style for months, maybe longer, and I tend to play it safe.  I’ve always acted this way.  My prom dresses were beautiful but standard colors, nothing trendy.  The clothes in my closet hang in shades of brown, black, gray, with a few splashes of bright color that worked their way in as gifts from others.

I’m afraid to take risks. I don’t want to find out I was wrong.

But I bought the shoes.  Even though I immediately had buyer’s remorse, I bought the sparkly, navy blue, zebra-striped shoes, and I got a compliment the first time I wore them. In fact, I get a compliment almost every time I wear them. My sister, the fashion expert, bought the exact pair after seeing them on me.  The risk paid off with high dividends, especially since I really like them, too.

And I like this feeling of adding a little color, a little pizazz to my life.  Perhaps this 31-year-old woman is learning a little late what others have known since they were five–that it’s okay to let my hair down a little, to run my fingers through paints, and roll down hills into piles of crunchy leaves.

I want to take a deep breath and relax.  I want to open my eyes and see past the browns and blacks and grays and notice the beautiful colors.  I want to worry less about whether every decision is practical and relish the moments we create.

I want to see more crazy zebra-striped shoes.

But I’m not ever getting a tattoo.

12 thoughts on “The Shoes

  1. If you want to add pizzaz in a relatively 'quiet' way, just add an awesome pair of shoes or an awesome purse. Those are super cool shoes! Too bad we don't have a Target here!

    But I guess I'll never welcome you into the tattoo club, eh?


    1. No, I don't think tattoos are in the cards for me; I'd be too afraid of what it would look like when my skin started to sag. 😉 And Matt would totally freak out.


    1. I have no idea what's going on with my blog today. I haven't been notified through e-mail each time someone comments, and my blog post completely disappeared at one point. Matt told me it wasn't there when he went to read it, so I had to republish it. Too bad I know nothing about fashion and nothing about technology.


  2. I don't get to laugh enough… But I did today! You are too funny-You crack me up! The tattoo ending was perfect! I say live and dress how you write, everything else will take care of itself!


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