Love Is…

Love is falling asleep in his arms on the couch.  After days of going and going and going, constantly moving past one another, our minds moving even if our bodies are not, a moment of embrace on the couch, struggling to fit with a dog who refuses to share, warms my heart that can run cold. Even though the universe doesn’t count the three hours of sleep in the den, and we both face insomnia in our beds at one in the morning, I have found rest.

Love is doing the mundane to preserve something beautiful.  A mop to the dirty floor because he said he would, even though he was tired, and the day was long.  A mop to the dirty floor while I washed clean in the shower, a gesture that spoke volumes, sacrificing his own rest so that I could.

Love is our hands clasped across the body of our daughter who snuggled her way into our bed and found rest.  Love is a warm breakfast on a rainy morning. Love is the giving and receiving, the sacrifices and the blessings, the mundane and the extraordinary, the simple pleasures and the precious treasures.  Love is looking in his eyes and finding rest.

It is so good to be in love.

3 thoughts on “Love Is…

  1. Beautiful post, I'm thrilled to see my fellow Christian stand up and say that love is more than "a feeling." Thank you for the true definition that requires action and sacrifice with the source being rooted in devotion and the ascent of our will. Your gift to find love in all circumstances is a great reminder for those of us who can't see it quite as easily. I do today. Thanks


    1. Thank you, but, unfortunately, I don't see love in all the circumstances I should, either. I'm thankful for God's grace and patience as He molds me into a better wife and am thankful for a terrific husband!


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