The Infamous Christmas Card Photo

Every year we try to capture the perfect picture for our Christmas cards, and every year I feel a ton of pressure.  Matt and I inevitably bemoan the fact that we have to wear one of the two sweaters that we own and seem to rotate during the holiday season, and I scurry trying to plan outfits for three little ones who aren’t going to cooperate.  Even though they love to play with the camera themselves, and the girls say ‘cheese’ on cue for Caleb whenever he snaps away, Matt and I seem to illicit a different reaction…


…or complete hysteria.

We’ve tried the mall thing, relying on professionals to capture that perfect moment, and while we’ve had good results in the past, the aggravation of long waits, poor customer service, three kids who can’t sit still, three kids who can’t sit still, and three kids who can’t sit still, dampen our Christmas cheer leaving us more akin to Mr. Scrooge.

I have a horrible memory, otherwise I would’ve skipped the aggravation the last couple of years and just made a photo card from Shutterfly.  In 2007, we had a heck of a time trying to get the perfect Christmas family photo but realized that with Shutterfly, we could use any of our photos from the year to fool our friends and family into thinking our children were extra sweet.

Aww…look at that cute little boy who got into his mother’s icing dyes…aww…look at that precious little baby screaming her head off…they must be so sweet.  Ahem.

Shutterfly offers a variety of options for sending holiday greetings.  One could send a Christmas card with that perfect family picture on a flat photo card, or one could arrange a multitude of pictures on a folded stationery card.  For those who enjoy sending the family letters that no one reads, I mean, that everyone loves, these cards are the perfect option.  Just look at all the cute kids who know how to make their moms and dads happy by smiling sweetly!

For those relatives in one’s life who would pave the inside of their shoes with pictures if they could, these photo calendars would make a thoughtful Christmas gift. If you discover a place that actually paves the inside of shoes with photos, let me know–I have a relative who would love that gift!

My favorite thing about Shutterfly is the ease in which a complete dodo like me can use their site.  I’ve tried making photo books and printing photos from other sites because I had a coupon. I promise the coupon wasn’t worth the tears I shed after losing my whole photo book and having to start over three times. (But Shutterfly gives great coupons, too)  Uploading photos is a cinch!

And for all you bloggers out there, Shutterfly is offering the opportunity to earn 50 free holiday cards. Earning free cards and eliminating stress while making them–sounds like one less thing I have to worry about this Christmas.  Now maybe I can focus on getting a copy of my daughter’s birth certificate….18 months after she was born.

10 thoughts on “The Infamous Christmas Card Photo

  1. We have C's only because we had to have it for his final adoption hearing, but we don't have Callie's…so why you are there, can you pick hers up too? I love this post and for second thought that was Chole instead of Hannah Beth.


    1. I'll see what I can do, Jenn!I always thought I would remember who was who in the baby pictures, but my children all look remarkably similar as babies!


  2. Who is the person that would reline his or her shoes withj your childrens photos?? I don't think you are speaking of me, are you? You know I wouldn't do that.

    Your not so photogenic Dad.


    1. No, the man who has said, "What do I need all these pictures for? I know what my grandkids look like!" is not the person of whom I was speaking! 🙂


  3. I might be in a minority, but I love choosing the christmas photo for the card and I love writing the letter. I also love seeing what friends and family send us and I get angry when all they send is a blank card with their names signed. Why bother? Geesh! Hahah, anyway, I like your card up there, why worry about the perfect moment? Pick and choose!


    1. Oh, I don't mind choosing the picture–it's taking the picture with three kids that gives me a headache! I actually agree with you–I find get sending a blank photo card rather impersonal, but after spending so much time writing thoughtful notes on each one to only get blank ones in return, I started to reserve the notes for those who care. I think a lot of people just like to see what the kids look like now. And I really don't mind the letter, except for when people send novels; then I read the beginning and the end. 😉 You've inspired me now; I'm going to see if I can type up the most entertaining Christmas newsletter of the season!


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