Ten Clues Halloween Was This Past Weekend

10. Your four-year-old decided his new bedtime was 9:45, yet he happily awoke for you at 6:30 a.m..

9. Your three-year-old has had a sugar-induced meltdown for a straight 24 hours.

8. You found your paranoid son sleeping with his bag of treats.

7. You’re pretty sure your toddler has never had candy, yet you noticed her walking around the house with a lollipop hanging out of her mouth and three packages of M&Ms.

6. There’s a carved pumpkin sitting outside of your door that very well could sit there until Thanksgiving.

5. You discovered your little girl on top of the refrigerator looking for the hidden Halloween candy.

4. You then located your daughter ‘hiding’ under the dining room table eating some of this candy.  She has yet to understand that you can totally see her under that table.

3. You turned into a a crotchety old person over the weekend, grumbling about children who don’t say ‘thank you’ and teenagers who still dress up to ‘steal’ your candy.

2. You are normally an honest person, but you have taken to catching your children in the act of sneaking their treats so that you can eat whatever you confiscate.

1. You saw the cutest cowboy, cat, and butterfly in existence and have taken every opportunity to show everyone that you know (or don’t know).

I’ve linked up at Ohamanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.  Click over with me for more fun!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

9 thoughts on “Ten Clues Halloween Was This Past Weekend

  1. So funny! I thought the same thing about teenagers this year. What in the world?! Not to mention the teenager girls' outfits were so risque I wanted my kids to close their eyes when they passed—even moreso than when we passed the guys with blood dripping off them.

    LOVE the kids' costumes. SO CUTE.


  2. Exactly! This old lady had a hard time explaining to my four-year-old the Lady Gaga costume on the preteen and the teenage girls w/their pants hanging off their bottoms and caps on sideways. And that's why I keep staring at my kids' picture and enjoying the innocence of little kids! 🙂


  3. You forget the attack of the pumpkin dishes: pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, all in an effort not to let the insides of the carved ones go to waste!


  4. Oh, you're right, carving pumpkins are not the best tasting, but you can cook with them. I prefer the smaller ones as well, but it pains me to let the insides go to waste! Haha.


    1. I'm glad you let me know; I really did think the insides of carving pumpkins were bad or something. I've never actually baked with any kind of pumpkin. I feel so educated now and will have to give it a try soon (or at least next year)! 😉


  5. I think we had a mighty different Halloween experience. My son went door to door but didn't eat one single piece of candy. Not because I didn't let him but because he won't try new things 🙂 At least he was cute in his costume 🙂


  6. My Grace shares the same "hiding under the table" syndrome. She is also pretty sure we can't see her when she hides under her blanket in the car seat. Too funny!
    The last picture is so precious! I see the candy bags made it out and about. Too cute!


    1. How cute–I'd love to see her hiding under a blanket! Yes, the Halloween bags made it and are currently on top of the refrigerator where Hannah Grace climbs every day. Only a few pieces of candy left!


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