Unblurring the Line

Jennifer Vignola Davis and Jennifer Escoe Holt--Feb. 24, 2000

It all started on February 24, 2000.  A silly girl and her friend, donning black leather and leopard print pants and sparkly shirts, performed moves of which no one thought they were capable while lip-syncing to the band Heart.  A silly boy, packing up his guitar and Power Point slides after a night of leading Worship, drove an extra hour back to college in the hopes of seeing this silly girl in her moment of glory.  He missed the performance, but he saw her face light up after winning first prize.

And thus began their first date, a night when they went out with friends but only noticed each other in the room…

if you’d like to read more about that blurry line between friendship and romance, commitment and existence, click here and visit me as I share my first guest post at the sweet SomeGirl’sWebsite.

4 thoughts on “Unblurring the Line

  1. GREAT post, Jennifer!! Funny, I walked into the kitchen this morning and thanked my husband as he was loading the dishwasher. He said something like, "notice all the chores I do" and turned with a sneaky smile. Then he was really sweet, told me he loved me very much. Turns out he had read your post this morning. He really liked it (and I really liked the response from it)! 😉 Thank you for sharing your heart, words and time with us at SomeGirl'sWebsite! I appreciate it (and you) very much!!


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