Little Feet

As I was standing in front of the sock rack in Target, my eyes scanned back and forth between the boys small socks and medium socks.  I whipped out my phone.  My mom and sister treated Caleb to a new pair of shoes a few weeks ago; maybe one of them would remember what size he was.  I dialed Lisa’s number, and the call went straight to voicemail. “This is stupid,” I thought.  “I know he’s in a medium now.”

But I didn’t want his little feet to have grown that big; I wanted to call my sister and have her tell me, “No, he’s a size eight.  Get him the small socks.”  I was upset that my ‘baby’ no longer fit in the toddler category of life, even by clothing standards.  He was now just a little kid.

I’m sure the socks episode was just a byproduct of the kids starting preschool this week, another summer behind us, another year of growth beginning.  As hard as I try to grab hold of the time, I watch as it slips from my grasp, forever pushing forward.

So I have no choice but to be thankful…

Thankful for the little feet that keep getting bigger, that run through the house and jump on the beds (even though Mommy forbids it)…

Thankful for the camera mishap that wouldn’t capture the perfectly posed picture of a brother and sister embarking on a first day of preschool but, instead, the uncertainty and silliness they brought to their first day, captured on a camera phone…

Thankful for the huge smiles that greeted the mommy who was ready for the break but even more ready for her kids to return…

Thankful for every precious day…and determined not to waste them.

For what are you thankful this week?

6 thoughts on “Little Feet

  1. Don't worry, little Chloe will help you to stop staying in the past with the "little kids"that are growing up and looking towards their future.
    I think she will give you enough trouble for two. Right now she is storing up her energy. Get Reaadddy.
    Guess whol is in the on deck circle???



    1. I hesitate to write this, but I think she's the most calm of the three, at least at this age, by far…now you have me scared!


  2. Right now, after a crazy week of birthday parties and camping, I'm thankful that both my kids are taking a nap at the same time. Oh, and that I get to read great blogs while they snooze.
    It's the little things sometimes…


    1. Omigoodness, two kids taking a nap at the same time is a BIG thing! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy a moment's peace. Have a good weekend. 🙂


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