Ten Things I Don’t Understand About College Football

10. I’ll never understand why some girls show up in high heels and tight, little dresses, while sitting on hard bleachers, packed in like sardines to watch men knock the snot out of each other under the blazing hot sun.  I’m pretty sure I sweated off the minimal amount of make-up I was wearing, so I can’t imagine actually taking the time to look beautiful.  It’s a football game! Then again, I was never popular in school or know anything about fashion now.

9. I don’t understand why some insist on screaming at the referee after every bad call.  If you’re sitting near where I’m sitting, I’m pretty sure he can’t hear you.

8. I just don’t understand why some get offended so easily and end up in fights with fans from the other team.  I mean, did I miss something?  Were you in the last play?

7. I do not understand tailgating, anymore.  If you’re heading to the football game, why do you need to haul and set up a gigantic TV and dish before hand?  It seems to me like an unnecessary amount of work and planning….

6. I do not understand how it is possible for someone to show minimal emotion during significant events in his life, yet be brought to absolute fury, elation, or tears during a football game.  Read this short story for more on this topic.

5. I do not understand why grown adults will drink enough during the game to forget what happened tomorrow.  Tickets are expensive–getting wasted doesn’t make economic sense.

4. I’ll never understand why everyone holds up four fingers at the start of the fourth quarter.  Did you think I lost count?  There is a giant scoreboard that can help me out if I did….

3. I know I’ll never understand how the BCS polls determine the top teams.  I think I’d need a master’s degree first.

2.  I’ve yet to understand why our fans always insist that the other teams’ fans are so obnoxious.  At every game I can spot someone with a giant bulldog painted on his head, and our fans bark.

1. I’ll never understand how I can be surrounded by so many things that make me cringe yet look forward to going to Georgia football games so much!

I’ve linked this post over at ohamanda’s today.  Click on the link below to read more fun top ten lists!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

7 thoughts on “Ten Things I Don’t Understand About College Football

  1. The whole BCS polls thing is a total gip…this is why hubby prefers pro ball. I love college b/c the players are so passionate and not earning a penny, unlike pro players. And 99.9% of the college players won't ever earn a penny playing the sport they love so much.

    And I know I'm going to catch MAJOR flack for this, however, we're (me by association!) huge Ohio State fans and, eh hem, they don't seem as obnoxious as GA fans…and I've lived in GA since I was 3. I know, I know, not very loyal. But I don't go to bed every night w/ a GA fan, I snuggle next to a boy from Ohio! 🙂

    And P.S., it's so, so great to know another woman who loves football. It is by far our most favorite time of year. Throw in the lower temps, Thanksgiving and Christmas…well, it's almost too much for us to handle! 🙂


    1. You'll find no judgment from me! By all means keep the peace in your house, and support Ohio State (but I bet their fans are obnoxious, too 🙂 ) I, agree. College sports are better because it seems more focused on the team and not the flashy individuals who make the big bucks. Thanks for commenting!


  2. I love your #1. We don't go to games but we watch at home, and seriously I looked so forward to the start of college football season and Saturday's game, but by 3rd quarter I was bored… and now I'm looking forward to the next game. Lots I don't understand but fun nevertheless. 🙂


  3. Confession is good, yes, but if I'm ever in your presence when you yell at the refs, I just might have to make fun of you! 😉


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