The Silver Lining: Ten Reasons that Not Moving is Not Bad

We took our home off the market this weekend.  Our realtor removed the sign before knocking on the door so that we wouldn’t have to watch as it became official–we were not moving. I’ve not allowed myself to dwell on the reality because I don’t want to feel disappointed; I love my home and where we live–I just wish we could spend more time together as a family.

I hadn’t planned on doing a top ten list today; however, I thought this exercise would be good for me, would force me to look ahead with hope and anticipation.  So here goes my top ten list for why not moving is not a bad thing:

10. A Clutter-free Life: Getting ready to move was extremely stressful and took a couple of months of going to bed after midnight every night to finish.  However, we needed the deadline to remove every piece of clutter from our home, and as a result, my every days are clutter-free and smoother, as well.  I won’t have to start over in a new home; I can enjoy the set-up of this one.

9. A New Routine: Keeping an entire home clean and ready to present any day of the week was a challenge, especially with three destructive little ones running around.  However, I found a cleaning routine that works for me and that I can continue. I cleaned before, but my house looks the best it’s ever looked because of our attempt to move.  I know I can keep this routine going.  And who doesn’t like a clean house?

8. New Carpet: Our old carpet was disgusting. End of story.

7. Our Garden: For the four years that we’ve lived here, I’ve wanted to plant a garden.  However, every year I was either very pregnant at planting time or home with a newborn and other children.  The garden wasn’t a priority.  This year, however, my whole family and I got our hands dirty, made memories, and grew the best produce and herbs I’ve ever tasted.  I can’t wait to expand our garden next year.

6. Our Backyard: Our yard is large and level–perfect for three kids running around or driving laps in PowerWheels. In addition to being the perfect yard, the location is great, too. We’re located right next to the swim/tennis in our neighborhood.  Part of our fence opens up to the path leading to the pool.  What could be more perfect during these hot, Georgia summers?

5. Teamwork: Through this process, we’ve all discovered how to help one another. The baby is the only one who doesn’t make her bed, clean her room, or put away clothes.  Our family is a team, and we work together.

4. Church:  We get to continue going to the church that we love, 12Stone Church, and grow our friendships.  And I’ll continue one of my joys this fall–leading with my husband another small group .

3. Focused Family Time: We wanted to move closer to Matt’s work so that we could spend more time together as a family, and Matt would spend less of his time in the car. Right now, that plan is not to be, so as we’ve been doing for the last few months, we’ll have to be intentional about our family time.  And intentional time as a family is definitely not a bad thing.

2. Honoring the Sabbath:  Even though I know God commands that we use the Sabbath to worship and rest, I’m not sure if the rest part would have become a priority had we not planned to move.  After working so hard every week, I needed a rest on Sunday. And since I knew the weekend was our reserved family time together, I made sure I got all of my chores completed by Saturday night so that we could use Sunday to focus on God and family.  I now realize why God commanded the Sabbath in the first place and wish I had taken His instruction seriously from the beginning.  This practice is one I will ensure we keep.

1. Discovering God’s Will: The frustrating part of this journey is not knowing God’s will for us.  We prayed about our decision before we ever put the ‘For Sale’ sign in our yard and asked God to guide us.  If it were not His will, we did not want to move (even though we really wanted to move).  I’m not sure what He has in store for us, if there is a specific purpose we are to accomplish here, or if we are just products of a bad housing market.  What I do know is that if God had a specific purpose for us to live in Alpharetta, then our house would’ve sold.  And while I’m disappointed, I will rest in that fact and continue to seek His will for our family.

I’ve linked today’s post at OhAmanda for Top Ten Tuesday.  Head on over for some fun reading!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

14 thoughts on “The Silver Lining: Ten Reasons that Not Moving is Not Bad

  1. Great Post…I know the feeling.

    We thought we would only live in our house for 2 years — now, (4 years later) we're pretty happy here and plan to stay for another 4 years!

    It's not my dream house by any means but it's OUR house and it's a great location.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Another good reason – you don't have to get your babies accustomed to new routines. When we moved in March, it took our son months to stop screaming at bedtime.


  3. You live in Alpharetta? Do we know each other in real life? Should I know this? Because I'm in the metro, too!


    1. No, we don't live in Alpharetta, but we want to! We live in Gwinnett, but Matt's work is in Alpharetta, and the commute is HORRIBLE! I don't think we know each other in real life, but we should! We're obviously close to one another–you'd be my first blogging friend from Twitter who I'd met in real life!


  4. Your garden produce looks mouth watering. The tomatoes are delicious!!! We have enjoyed some of the fruits of your labor and we thank you for that.
    God's timing is always perfect so when He plans for you to move, you will be ready.
    love you,


  5. Another reason not moving is not bad… not having to pack! And unpack! I hate that part of the process. I realized while reading this post that you go to the same church as my best friend & her family. I know it's a huge church, so the odds of you know each other are small, but her name is Lisa Clavell & she has 3 daughters, 7, 4 & 3. I also live in Gwinnett!


  6. I love how mom just signs on as me! The zuccinni's were great because your z-bread was amazing! I am glad your not moving because if you do then I am going to have to be driving Mrs Daisy to Alpharetta.


  7. Cool!

    I have one request. Just because you have more room for a garden, doesn't mean you have to fill your kids' lives with weeding. Hey, someone's got to watch out for the young!


  8. I think I could learn from your wisdom Jennifer. We’ve been talking about selling and moving (we seem to do this every 5 years). We want to get out of the city, go a little more rural, get some space, reduce, live more. Some how living in this city seems to make that difficult.

    But no move is in sight, yet. Perhaps I need to do a similar list, account for all the benefits to living where we are.


    1. I'm glad you found the list helpful. I know I'm guilty of always looking ahead and not really enjoying what I have, so I thought I should stop and appreciate my blessings. I'm still a little disappointed that we can't get closer to Matt's work, but I have to trust that God has something different in mind for our benefit. Thanks for commenting!


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