Ten Reasons to Join a Gym

10. You’ll spend so much money on your gym membership each month, you won’t have money to eat fast food.

9. If you love looking at yourself, especially when you’re not wearing make-up, the gym’s plentitude of mirrors will not disappoint!

8. When your kids are acting crazy, you have a babysitter for an hour or so–assuming you can actually get your crazy kids ready and in the minivan before childcare closes.

7. The thrill of competition!  Keep moving up the speed of the treadmill every time the person next to you does.  It’s always fun to find out that the lady 20 years your senior is in better shape than you.

6. You can make friends, that is if you go to the gym consistently enough and at the same time to meet up with the other 1% of people who keep a set routine.

5. You no longer will have an excuse to be completely uninformed about the state of the world–the news on the TV and the disgruntled man on the bike next to you will give you all the soundbites you need to engage in a thoughtful conversation.

4. You’ll get a great aerobic workout walking laps around the gym while looking at all the weight machines you’d like to try when everyone else leaves.

3. After a great workout, you have justification to eat the huge bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese waiting for you in the refrigerator.

2. The gym’s a great place to try the technique of “muscle confusion“–you know, go to the gym one week, then skip the next.

1. It sounds impressive to say, “I know I need to clean this nasty floor, but I’m going to the gym because I really want to stay healthy and fit for my children.”  Whatever works, right?

Join ohamanda for some more TopTenTuesday fun!

5 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Join a Gym

  1. Hi Jen,
    # 3 is real for me and #7 welllllll… i doubt that would ever happen to anyone stationed next to me. #9 i always try to avoid those things. Haha.
    love you,


  2. Love this! Although I wouldn't be surprised at all to find someone 20 years older than me is in better shape – it wouldn't take much effort to be in better shape than me!


  3. Well, if there is someone twenty years older than me in better shape than me,
    I'm going to really be depressed. I find no humor in someone almost 100 years
    old being in better shape than me. I stay in shape… i ride my bike faithfully….
    okay it's a motorcycle. Hey, i'm not a kid anymore and find it tough peddling uphill.
    And… with the helmet on nobody can tell my age.


    Your Dad


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