Reasons You Might Go Completely Gray Before Age 35

10. Your son lassos his 15-month old cousin because he is a cowboy and his cousin is the cow.

9. When praying with your child, he tells God that he is thankful for Goliath.

8. After telling your child it doesn’t make sense for him to thank God for Goliath, he instead thanks God for the blinds in his room.

7. Your chubby (albeit adorable) toddler informs you through a mouth stuffed with bread, “I like food!”

6. Your son insists on wearing winter pajamas and a stocking cap to bed in the summer and only a stocking cap and underwear out in the snow.

5. Your daughter that is not quite two doesn’t want toys for her birthday but pretty dresses and nail polish.

4. Your child thinks her round belly is a better canvas for the purple paint than the actual canvas you set up for painting.

3. Your newborn demands you feed her at the exact moment you sit down to eat every night, no matter the time.

2. You review the Sunday School lesson with your child by asking, “The Bible is___?” for your child to answer, “Terrible!”

1. You discover that your children are telling the truth that they didn’t create the ketchup stains on the carpet–your husband did!


5 thoughts on “Reasons You Might Go Completely Gray Before Age 35

  1. Hey Jennifer,
    Remember me? I was Alisha Forbes when you knew me and student taught at LHS w/ Paige. I found your blog through Christina’s. I’m so glad to see you’re doing so well! I see you also have a fellow Lightning McQueen fan. πŸ™‚ We have the same stocking cap. I’m looking forward to reading up on your life the past…oh…6 years! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, I remember you! I looked at some of your facebook pictures today. You have beautiful children! I’m glad you are doing well!


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