The Best Medicine

The last four and a half weeks have been interwoven with the amazing joy of having another child and the extreme frustration and sadness that accompanies having a problem that the doctors can’t seem to fix.  I wish I could say that next week is going to be a good week, but I’m not so sure.  What I can say is that God provides humor in our everyday experiences, and if I focus on these, perhaps I’ll have a little more strength to make it through the next day….

About a week ago, Matt and I were wrapped up in one of those days in which all we could do was laugh.  If I tried to explain the chaos, I wouldn’t be able to do the day justice, so instead I’ll just record some of the sentences that could be heard in our home that day:

“Caleb, put that down!  [Mommy’s breast pump] is not a trumpet!

“Caleb, don’t open-mouth kiss your sister.  It’s not appropriate!”

“Caleb, don’t lick your sister’s head!”

“Kids! We don’t wash our hands in the toilet…and Caleb, please flush after you pee pee.”

Remembering that day brought a smile to my face.  Maybe I need to change my prayers–instead of asking God to take away my pain, I should ask him to send more laughter to ease it.

One thought on “The Best Medicine

  1. Great post! Welcome to the world of blogging. Laughter really is the best medicine. Even though it’s all craziness in a house filled 2 boys, they are always making me laugh!


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