January 2011 was the beginning of new challenges for me. I wanted to step-up my writing, and I also felt a stirring, restlessness within me regarding my own spiritual life. And with the start of a new year, I was determined to focus on these areas.

As I addressed the spiritual, I began to look back over the different phases of my life and noticed all the lessons God had taught me through various trials and blessings. While I was aware that life is a journey, I began to notice that, within that journey, there are many mini-journeys along the way. I would have an experience or a trial through which God would refine me, grow me toward Him, and all of those mini lessons were helping me within the grand scheme of this life.

And while I have my own trials and journeys, I know you have your own journeys, too. I began to ask myself some questions: What if we could create a safe place where, together, we face our questions about faith and improving as a person?  What if we could create a place where we stretch our faith while improving as writers, as well? That idea excited me, and thus Journeys began.

Every Monday I will post a theme for us to consider throughout the week. On Friday, I will post my response and have a place for others to post links to their own blogs displaying their responses. There are no rules regarding what one has to write–Journeys is not a theology course. It is a place where we can discuss our questions, the ways God has answered, what we have learned along the way, and what we’re still waiting to learn. One could use Scripture to discuss the theme, or one could highlight a photo that captures the essence of the topic. Essays, poems, and short stories are all okay. The possibilities are endless!

My hope is that through this weekly gathering, we will all grow in our faith, no matter where each individual person is in his or her faith journey. I truly believe that, not only will God teach us as we ponder these themes throughout the week, but He will also bless us through the writings of others.

So what do you say? Would you consider joining me on this journey?


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4 thoughts on “Journeys

    1. I've actually put 'Journeys' on hold for the summer. I started this past January but didn't see as much participation as I had hoped and thought a break during the summer might be good. I might pick it back up during the school year and will be sure to let you know if I do! (And I know–I should probably update my page sometime soon) 🙂


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