Wonder: Repost

Matt and I are finishing our vacation away without kids, so I thought this post from a year ago, describing a weekend away with all the kids and extended family, would be fun to remember. I originally wrote this post for ‘Five Minute Friday,’ but I have since changed the last line.

We lay in bed, two separate twin beds, three children crammed in sleeping bags between our beds, at the foot, beside us. And I looked over in that dark room at you, a tall man in that small bed, and you said, “You can come over here.”

And I excitedly climbed over kids to cuddle next to you, if only for a minute before we drifted to sleep. In wonder I lay as you wrapped your strong hands around me, wonder that you who had driven until three in the morning, tired and uncomfortable, loved me so much that you would exchange a good night’s sleep for a sleep holding your wife.

It was then that I knew how much you truly loved me, wrapped in pretzel of arms and legs, as you ignored the ridiculousness of our sleeping arrangement to embrace the comfort of each other.

This couple is not us. (via photobucket.com)

What (good thing) has your spouse done that caused you to wonder?

4 thoughts on “Wonder: Repost

  1. Such a sweet post. 🙂

    I had been a bit of a pain in the you-know-what a couple days ago and finally swallowed my pride and apologized. So at bed time, I said my sorry, rolled over to the soon-to-be spouse and snuggled him. I knew it was all right when he grabbed my hand and tangled his fingers in mine. I was immediately filled with warmth and love. I no longer had to wonder if we were still at odds.

    It just goes to show that the little things truly do matter the most!


    1. They sure do! It's amazing that I can have the worst memory in the world but remember a gesture like sharing a twin bed together. I'm sending wishes your way for more happy memories for the two of you!


  2. I love this post! It makes me happy as I remember all the sweet things my husband has done. Just the small little things, like offering to help with the dishes or the best is placing his hand on the small of my back when we are walking together.


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment last week. I'm still catching up on e-mail since our little vacation!I, agree; it's the small things that make us smile, that last in our memory. Thank you for sharing about your sweet husband!


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