Three Weeks

I haven’t written a post in three weeks. Not since I first began blogging when I would write here and there have I gone so long without putting my fingers to the keys. Matt went out of town on business a few days each week for the last three weeks in a row, and I had decided before he left that I was going to give myself a little grace and mercy when it came to writing. Had I known how much grace and mercy I would end up giving, I would’ve scheduled some posts from the archives ahead of time!

Unfortunately, Matt’s trips came at an inopportune time for me–days filled with commitments at the kids’ schools, previously made appointments, a birthday party to plan, and the like. Nonetheless, we survived. I was very proud of myself for not losing my temper with the kids or having the feeling that I wanted to send them off into the woods to fend for themselves. Actually, that last statement was slightly disingenuous–apparently, three weeks is my breaking point–but I did much better than I thought possible.

The days went quickly except the last few, but isn’t that always the way? A pregnancy can go quickly until the last month, the last few days before Christmas for kids drag on, and vacation just can’t get here fast enough. I digress, though. I was actually amazed because, for most of the three weeks, I spent my time rushing from here to there, staying up much later than I planned, always feeling behind; yet for all the hustle and bustle, as each week passed, I could hardly remember what happened the days before.

That fact scares me a little. I pack my days full, and when it’s all said and done, I have to evaluate for what am I so tired? I can’t even remember. I rush rush rush, and rushing starts to become the normal way of living, even during times that I want to breathe in and savor the delicious aroma, taste the goodness of it all.


Of course, this dilemma comes back to priorities. Priorities can present a challenge for a perfectionist, however. When everything should be done perfectly, choosing between the tasks becomes difficult. Oh, I’ve figured out how to prioritize some things–spending time with the kids trumps cleaning the shower. In fact, my new standard for cleaning my bathroom is that I need to scrub when I actually get dirty by taking a shower. However, I find prioritizing other tasks a little more difficult. A day to catch up on housework or using the couple of hours the kids are at preschool to write? Those few hours volunteering at school or getting in a good workout? Sending out e-mails to my small group, or finally finishing the neighborhood directory?

Those precious moments I have alone actually become stressful as I try to fit in just one more task before I get the kids. Add a husband out of town to the mix, and my head starts to spin a little.

I know my struggle isn’t new to anyone, and I know there’s a solution right before my eyes–I just can’t always see it. But I also know that I don’t want to spend so much time running that I forget why I was running. Yes, some of those tasks can be forgotten, but others, well, they’re just too important to miss.

And speaking of missing things, I desperately miss all of my friends whom I have met through this blog. I look forward to ‘chatting’ again, and I do hope to figure out my priorities so that I can spend time visiting all of you, as well.

11 thoughts on “Three Weeks

  1. Jennifer I did miss your blogs. I always look forward to a little peak at what is going on with you and yours.
    Blessings for a beautiful spring day!


    1. Hi, Rhonda! Thank you for your little note. I was very encouraged to read that someone missed my writing. Have a great week! 🙂


  2. Welcome back! Funny, the last few weeks on our women's Bible study we have been talking about the idea that it's not God's will for our lives to be exhausted and constantly going (we are doing Beth Moore studies) and how we ought to keep each other accountable to have some rest time and time to renew because we are better moms when we do.

    Missed you, though!


    1. I, agree! I've found a friend who is going to kid swap with me once a week so that we each have a turn being childless for a few more hours. I think that'll help.The break from writing was a load off of my shoulders during the first two weeks Matt was gone when life was especially crazy, but that last week I really missed it! I'm looking forward to getting back in a rhythm.


  3. I took more than 3 weeks off around the holidays, and while it was good to have the hiatus from writing, I also missed it and was glad to get back to it. I've missed you — and the blame's not all on you either…I don't visit my favorite peeps nearly as much as I used or as much as I want to. It's just life, I guess…never enough hours, and something has to give. So for me, it's visiting blogs — I regret that I have to make that choice!


    1. Michelle, I felt and feel the same way. As with anything, a little break is always nice, but I started to miss writing as I would miss anything I love. And as you said, there are only so many hours in the day. Sometimes, much more than I'd like, I have to choose to get my own blog written over visiting other blogs.


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