Lie to Me

I never count it a good sign when I’ve hardly started my day and am already counting the hours until I can go back to bed. Nonetheless, I have found myself in that state this morning, thanks to a voodoo TV that turned on in the middle of the night, a naked, little girl who appeared at my bedside an hour later, and a pathetic boy with a tummy ache who tossed and turned next to me–rather in between his two sisters–while I was clinging to the side of the bed with one hand while trying to rub his tummy with the other.

I couldn’t help but notice that Matt is actually here; typically, this kind of nonsense only happens when he is out-of-town. The first night he was gone on his last trip, my youngest screamed in my bed with an earache until 2:30 a.m. when the liquor, I mean Tylenol, finally kicked in.

I have a suspicion, however, that my children are giving me a taste of what’s to come. Last night, Matt came home from work with the news that he needed to travel quite a bit next month. I’m sure my nervous anticipation of that fact already sent the cosmos in disarray, explaining why my one child took off all her clothes in the middle of the night. And since I know there’s more to come, I want to prepare Matt with a little list I made the last time he was gone.

Now, typically, I hold to the idiom that ‘honesty is the best policy,’ but there are certain circumstances that necessitate a lie. Allow me to elaborate:

If one’s business trip is to a state where people are swimming in February, it is okay to lie to the wife who is at home with the kids.

Matt, if you are in Florida, and the sun is shining, and the warm breeze is running through your hair, please just tell me it’s raining. It rained every stinkin’ day.

If part of one’s day on the above mentioned trip ends with dinner on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, develop temporary amnesia.

Seriously, dude, for the good of our marriage, do not tell me that you have to go because it’s time to board the boat for your dinner cruise. In fact, if you choose to mention anything about you and the boat, it better only be the details that after you boarded a terrible storm arose. The boat swayed back and forth, and the crew began to panic. “We’re not going to make it!” they screamed, to which you responded, “Yes, you will! Throw me overboard! I’m the reason we’re going to sink!” The crew didn’t want to throw you overboard, a polite, southern gentleman enjoying a nice dinner on the Gulf, but the waves began to rise, and they became convinced that, yes, you were the reason for this storm. They threw you over, and immediately you were swallowed by a great fish. You repented of leaving your wife, were spit up on dry ground, and headed back to Georgia.

Do not call your wife and say, “Hold on a minute; let me step out onto my balcony.”

Seriously? At this point all I’m picturing is my throwing you off of the balcony!

Even if it is true, do not tell your wife, “I really wish you were here with me.”

This statement may sound sweet; it may be 100% sincere. However, now you’ve caused me to lie, or at least deceive you. Yes, I responded, “I wish I were there, too,” but I left off the rest of the sentence. I wish I were there while you were back here with the kids! I wish you were here for four days straight, no dropping the kids off at the grandparents, and no ordering fast food. Just you. And the kids. Four nights.

I’m on a boat sipping a pina colada. Have fun with these crazies!

What lies are you okay hearing?



13 thoughts on “Lie to Me

    1. Thankfully, he doesn't travel a ton. It just seems that when he does has to take business trips, he has to take a bunch a row. You can pray for me during the month of March! 🙂


  1. Michael just left this morning for the week…this post could NOT be better timed! 😉 When he calls me at night after his fancy company dinners, he always swears up and down that he ordered fish. i hate fish. Smart man. You are not alone, friend!!!


    1. What a nice husband! I have to admit that, most of the time, Matt is very conscientious of the amount of company money he is spending, and he doesn't go anywhere exciting, even when he's in Vegas. This past trip, however, was the annual company sales meeting, so they all got treated very well.


  2. Very true. I try to make my life as miserable as possible when I’m away. Jennifer went through that for 3 months recently when I travelled to Miami for school. There’s no way I could do what she did. I’m sure Matt would say the same thing. Have a great day, Jennifer!


    1. Oh, I'm sure Jennifer would want you to have a little fun once in a while. I know I do for Matt. I can only kid with him on this post because he doesn't live an extravagant life (too often) 🙂


  3. Ahhh, yes, i do remember those years; while Dad traveled to and fro each week, when you and Lisa were wee ones. Weekly, we would feast at Ryan's where the balloon man would create animals i had never before seen. That was "our" standing date. Dad, on the flip side, would dine with adults.. enjoying animated conversations.. and food I'd never heard of.. at restaurants requiring one's gross weekly salary. But, I promise you, my child, Matt WOULD rather be home with you and the children. Love you.


  4. PREACH IT SISTA! I have told Scott to stop telling me about fancy vendor lunches or fancy dinners while out of town. Or he describes how nice it was to be in the hotel gym on an eliptical for 30 min…alone…I'm sorry, that word does not compute [3 yr old girls foot on laptop keyboard as I type. Serious.]

    Where's the beach?


  5. PREACH IT SISTA! I have told Scott to stop telling me about fancy vendor lunches or fancy dinners while out of town. Or he describes how nice it was to be in the hotel gym on an eliptical for 30 min…alone…I'm sorry, that word does not compute [3 yr old girls foot on laptop keyboard as I type. Serious.]


  6. Love your post!!
    Especially the fish story!! hahahahah
    And in answer to your question, when necessary, I fully expect lies in regards to the following:

    Did you have a good time without me?
    Do you think "so & so" is pretty?
    You like me better with a little extra poundage, right??


    1. Hi, Lisa! I've missed you (and while I write I know that I have not been the best about visiting, either. I'm trying. I really really am)!


  7. Yes, I'm replying a week later, but better late than never!I get you and the alone thing. I love my kids, and I love my husband. However, I wouldn't mind him going on a trip and the kids going on their own trip to the grandparents. Two days with silence sounds glorious!


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