Christmas Definitions


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Since I was small, I remember hearing the ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ motto for the holidays. I would nod my head in assent whenever the challenge was brought to me, and I continued the crusade of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’ when I was shopping at a retail store.

Now that I’m older, I’ve noticed not much has changed. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with reminders to keep Christ in Christmas, but this year I had to ask what does that actually mean? Christmas changed for me when I had to explain the meaning to my children, and during the last year, especially, I struggled through my own definition of keeping Christ in a holiday that, at times, feels largely secular.

So today I want to hear from you. What does keeping Christ in Christmas actually mean?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Definitions

  1. Oh such a question…I have been all over the map on this…I have come to the conclusion…it will never really be settled in our hearts…but God will meet us along the with each twist and turn we take…I think I am writing a post in this tomorrow when I link up with Ann…
    Blessings as you find your way for your family…


  2. Well, would we have ever celebrated Christmas if Jesus had not been born? He truly is the reason for the season. Holiday tree? Nah. Happy Holidays? I prefer a hearty "Merry Christmas!" Birthday cake for Jesus? Of course. Christmas is Jesus' birthday; so, come let us adore Him and thank Him for the gift He gave us.


  3. Keeping Christ in Christmas means acknowledging how dark and broken our world is and recognizing how desperately we need the light that shines in the darkness. That means I am called to be light in the darkness wherever and whenever I have opportunity–offering a word of encouragement to a frazzled employee ringing up cranky Christmas shoppers, filling my home with light and music, offering hospitality as I'm able, soaking up scripture, dancing with joy because He comes to make all things new!


  4. Great question. It is a phrase I too nod in agreement, yet what does it really mean? For us it is constantly reminding ourselves and our children that Christmas is first and foremost the birth of our Savior. Thanks for the post!


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