I Had a Dream

I’m sure it started after my mom said, “I wish we lived closer.” In fact, we do live relatively close to one another. We’re only about a half an hour away, but with Atlanta traffic, that half an hour can stretch anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. In any event, we don’t live close enough to just drop over for a chat any time the idea strikes our fancy.

Thus birthed the idea for our plot of land. At first, it started as a joke; we’d have a home for all the women to live in and a separate home for all the grumpy men. The women could get together every night after the kids went to bed and play the board games we so love while the men stayed home and scratched their rears and fell asleep on the couch.

Except my brother-in-law said he didn’t want to be stuck in a house with the grumpy men, either.

Then the idea morphed into something more realistic. Instead of two houses divided by gender, we’d have three homes divided by family units all sharing a large plot of land. There would be a communal garden. There would be Hilda the cow. There would be game night. Many nights.

Sometimes when I would get discouraged with the condition of my home or tired thinking about putting the kids to bed after a visit with my parents, I would envision my dream home on that large plot of land. I would see the tall trees surrounding us, hear the stream running through the woods. I could taste the tomatoes I’d pick from our garden, and I was never overwhelmed at its upkeep–the three families worked together.

photo by vastateparksstaff via Flickr 'Creative Commons'

And there was Hilda. Oh, she was such a good cow. She ate her grass and gave us the finest milk. No longer did I have to debate whether or not (not, most often) to purchase organic milk for $5.99 a gallon–our organic milk was right in our yard.

photo by JHayne

But like most dreams, this one was squashed by those whom I love.

“Do you think I’m made out of money?!”

No, Dad, I think you’re made out of blood and muscles and bones.

“Dad, you’re just buying the land first since you’re ready to move now. You’re reserving our spot. Then, we’ll come and buy our section of the land from you and build our house. This plan made sense to me.

“What happens when Matt and you decide to move and sell your home? Now I have this piece of land that I have to share with someone I don’t know.”

“Well, we’re not going to move.”

And then a few days later my husband joined in:

“Do you know how much a cow costs? It would cost thousands of dollars. It would take years before you even reaped the benefits of having your own cow to milk.”

I don’t trust your math.

“Jennifer, you don’t live on Little House on the Prairie.”

You’re right; Caroline’s husband was warm and kind, and he played the fiddle.

This move doesn’t make sense from a financial perspective. What happens if we want to move? We now have a house that’s connected to two other families.”

Are we planning to move? Did you and my dad have a talk that I don’t know about. Are you being transferred to Canada or something?!

After that moment, I told myself, “Forget it.” Forget the big plot of land. Forget the communal garden. Forget Hilda. And definitely forget game night many nights during the week.

At least I have ‘Word With Friends.’

Has your family ever squashed your dream before it had time to come to fruition? Have you ever wanted to own a cow? It’s the middle of the week, folks. Let’s take a minute to smile and get through it!


8 thoughts on “I Had a Dream

  1. What do yoiu mean sqash your dreams?? What do you mean a house with grumpy old men. I don't want to stay with them either! No I didn't speak to Matt about the common sense stuff of finances, moves, Hilda the cow, etc.. If you love your Dad, get me HILDA THE MAID, you know the one with the short black dress and net stockings. (If you can dream so can I..) So am I to forget about the plot of land with three houses on it?? (My house will be surrounded with water, have a draw bridge on it. Only doing this so the kids can really be happy when I put the bridge down to let them visit. Let's compromise; forget Hilda the cow, hire Hilda the maid and I'll put the draw bridge down and go to the store and pay for your organic milk..
    your humorous, not so grumpy, misunderstood Dad.


  2. Hrrumph! Hilda the maid? really, Joe? How about Harry the Handyman? Haven't had one of those around for the last almost 40 years. I wouldn't care if Harry came to the table in his net stockings, as long as he had his tool box with him. I'm all for that plot of land with the stream and the garden and yes, Hilda, the cow and Herman the bull. I can dream, too; and what could be lovlier than hearing my grandchildren laughing and playing in our own back yard, while Harry hammers away on my picket fence. Scrabble, anyone?


    1. Oh, Mom, how I love you! I know you too well to know that you did not mean to use sexual innuendo–you literally would like a handyman with a toolbox to fix all the things around the house that Dad couldn't. If I were a better daughter, I might delete your comment, but I'm having too much fun laughing at it right now!And sure–I'm up for a game of Scrabble.


  3. Omgosh! I'm not sure which I enjoyed reading more…your wonderful post or the hilarious comments from Joe and Bobbie!! hahahahahahahha
    Wonderful way to start my day! 🙂

    By the way, I lived what you are dreaming of.
    My husband's parents bought a piece of land. They built their dream home and then sold us a piece of their land. Right next door. For our dream home.
    We lived there for about four years before the cost of living the dream got to be too much.
    They moved back into town and we were left with new neighbors. (It wasn't too bad though. The new neighbor was an equine vet and that meant I didn't have to load my horses for vet trips!)
    Eventually though we decided to make the move back into town as well.

    Didn't exactly turn out the way we had planned. And we have all discussed trying it again.
    Maybe because we didn't have the regular game nights?
    Will definitely add that to the plan if we do go back for round 2. 😉


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