I’m Over It

I remember late-night talks on the couch, practically falling asleep in front of one another but not wanting to say ‘goodnight.’ Our fingertips danced in each others’ hands, and my cheeks ached from the genuine smile stretched across my face.

I remember the butterflies that fluttered in my stomach before he arrived and the passionate kisses that marked his departure. I look back at those early days and wish that, almost twelve years later, we could recapture a little bit of that newness, whatever made each encounter exciting.

But I wouldn’t want to recapture everything.

I remember one Saturday afternoon when we strategically planned our attendance at three different movie theaters. Yes, these ‘poor college students’ somehow found the money to see three movies in one day but not to eat something besides Ramen noodles. But we had our priorities straight–the next day was the Oscars, and we hadn’t seen every movie up for ‘Best Picture.’

Off to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and then to see Chocolate (pr0nounced however French people say the word) and then we’d end the night with Traffic. Six-plus hours of movies together so that we could feel qualified to predict the winner.

I don’t remember if I picked the winner, nor do I remember watching those Oscars.

But I do remember the 83rd Academy Awards. The year we hadn’t seen at least half of the nominated movies. The year when the butterflies were dead for the moment as the drool collected in the corners of my mouth. The year when I opened my eyes and said, “Let me know the winner in the morning. I’m going to bed.”

Yeah, I guess you could say I’m over it.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Post inspired by Mama Kat’s prompt to write about something you did with your spouse when you dated but now you’re ‘over.’ What is something you’re over?

9 thoughts on “I’m Over It

  1. I have found myself in the same boat… a couple of years ago I watched them and literally found myself lying on the couch with my eyes totally glazed over by the end. Ugh!


  2. Enjoyed your perspective.
    Sometimes we only remember the green grass and forget all the weed killing and fertilizing it took to keep it that way. And we think life will always be perfect.

    Today I'm just happy that he and I still share the same yard.
    Weeds and all.

    Have a good day.
    Love your posts!! 🙂


  3. I'm impressed with all that movie watching! And I thought I watched a lot of movies. I told my husband that I wouldn't see Slumdog millionarie, unless it won best picture oscar- mainly b/c I thought I wouldn't like it. Well, they won, then I had to go see the movie with him. And of course, I freaking LOVED it. When I was in college, sometimes we would plan out our movies, and watch two in a row…not the most honest thing…


    1. We both really love movies; I, especially, like some of the more artsy ones that feel like a novel or really make me think. Slumdog was great–I'm glad you watched it! Thank goodness for Netflix, right?


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