Little Blessings

Sometimes it’s just too much–my heart feels like it could explode. I wake up and decide to be thankful because, yes, some days it is a decision. But once I make that decision, it becomes easier and easier to fulfill.

The little girl who answers everything in complete sentences…Yes, Rebecca is my friend in preschool,

the little girl who has a fashion sense all her own, reminiscent of Punky Brewster,

the little boy who looks so darned cute in his policeman uniform that cost 50 cents,

the husband who made a Thursday night a true date night at home, perfect in every way,

the quick-witted sister who kept me laughing all morning,

and the father and mother who gave me life and have shown me how to live it.

They make up all of the little blessings in my day. And when I add them up, I see there’s nothing little about it.

I’m doing my own version of the Gypsy Mama’s ‘Five Minute Friday.’ To be exact, today was a ‘four minute and twenty three second’ Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend counting your own blessings! Feel free to encourage us with some of them below.


8 thoughts on “Little Blessings

  1. Awesome post! Sometimes the most prolific explanations are summed up in a few words… Like this.

    It truly is a decision isn't it? Nice job Jennifer.


  2. i love this post!! Whenever we spend time together, it is always a blessing and we share good laughs.
    But, it is true there are "those" days we need to look for the special blessings God gives us. I am truly blessed with my amazing hubby, my fantastic daughters and sons in law and 4 precious grandbabies.


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