Thoughts for My Friend

I have never made friends easily, probably because I’m more introverted than not. Sure, most people like me because I am a nice person, but I was never the girl who was invited to all the parties. I have been blessed with a handful of true, dear friends, and I am grateful.

However, when we moved back to Georgia, I didn’t have any of those friends around me. As a new mom, I didn’t realize how important friendship was until I truly needed it.

And then five years later, it happened. We became friends. Somehow, we pushed past the acquaintance stage (probably because you’re more extrovert than not) into true friendship. I didn’t realize how much my soul craved this friendship until I finally had it and realized what had been missing.

I love that we understand each others’ craziness because we share the same mental flaws. I love how I can bare my heart, go past Facebook status updates to real updates about my life with you. I can share the bad and know that you aren’t judging me–more often than not, you try to help me. And then I can share the good, boast about how smart or cute or totally awesome my kids are because you just heard how rotten they were the other day and won’t want to gag at my bragging.

Thank you, friend. I needed you more than you know.

Linking up with the Gypsy Mama for her Five Minute Friday ‘On Friendship.’ We write for five minutes without worrying if the words are completely right or not. To my dear friend–I don’t have any pictures of us together, and I didn’t want to find a random one of just you and post it here–I’d feel a little like a stalker–so that needs to be one of our new goals (besides becoming less crazy)


Do you make friends easily, or do you have a handful of true friends? What reasons caused your special friendship to cement?

8 thoughts on “Thoughts for My Friend

  1. What a sweet post for an obvious gift of a friend! I didn't really know what to write today, but funny how when you start writing and thinking about the friends that the Lord has placed in your life (introvert or not) you become overwhelmed with how He meets you where you are and gives you what you need right when you need it!


  2. Could I just say how much I love this? I mean really- My husband and I just moved to a new place where we know no one and we're about to have our first child. I've had a small very close circle of friends and like you I don't make friends terribly easily. So I am praying hard for God's provision int his area. Blessed to know that God has met others with this need and blessed with amazing friendships. I'm so glad I stopped by from Lisa Jo's- this has encouraged my heart!


  3. isn't that the TRUTH. when my husband and I moved to Cali for three years I wanted a "GOOD" friend in the worst way. It's true you don't realize how amazing friends are till you have to go out and get them yourself. And it's especially hard when you're an adult because its not like school where you have all day to get to know someone – to see if you can trust them….to see if they click.

    I love friends. I have a handful of true friends. I either LOVE you or I don't have time I am not an acquaintance person…that's why Facebook sort of bugs me a lot. so surface-y


  4. In my 20's I took friendships for granted … but the older I get the more I appreciate the gift of friends (what a sweet post Jennifer!)


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