I’m participating in the Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday, where we write freely for five minutes, not editing our thoughts, but, instead, seeing where they take us.


I remember when I was pregnant, I thought there was nothing more amazing and miraculous than the development of a baby. I’d watch every pregnancy show, and I loved the scientific ones showing the growth from embryo to fetus to a newborn baby being held for the first time by his mama.

I wanted to do everything right. I read every handout my doctor gave me, every article from the online magazines, attended every birthing class and paid attention as if I were earning a grade. I wanted my baby to develop correctly in the womb, and I wanted to ensure I gave him the best start as he entered the world.

And then when that little bundle of joy entered the world, I read every parenting article, memorized the milestones for each age, knew how much he weighed at three months and then six and then nine…

…but as my baby boy grew into a little boy, and as we added a girl and then another–very quickly, I might add–I started to notice something else miraculous. These little people were growing, and while I have helped guide them and protect them and nurture them, I also have to admit that a lot of their growing has nothing to do with me. And it’s amazing.

It’s amazing to watch my daughter combine colors on a piece of paper in the most imaginative* and beautiful ways. It’s amazing to watch my son create a letter for his teacher and sound out words on his own, without enlisting my help, and it’s amazing to watch my two-year-old girl categorize her Memory cards just because she wanted to.

Their growth is beautiful, and it is their own. But even more amazing is my growth because, while I thought I would be their teacher and guide their way, I’ve realized that I’ve had my own learning to do, as well. I thank them, for I’m the one who needed to do some growing.


*marks where I actually was at five minutes. I took an extra minute to finish, and I reworded my final sentence because it sounded awful. I’m really not trying to be a cheater….


11 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I love how you wrapped this up. You touched on the joy of watching our children grow, but more than that, how they make us grow! (And for me, often against my will!)
    And I've had to fess up to more than five minutes on several occasions… 🙂


    1. Often against my will, too. It's hard to find out I'm flawed as a result of my children, especially because they're the ones I think need to be disciplined–not me! :)________________________________________


  2. CHEATER! Just kidding. Love this…the only thing I will say that you did a little off was you put a Packers hat on your son….I am just kidding. love that we can grow by watching our children grow…isn't that awesome.


  3. I love your story of you desiring to do everything right to prepare for your children entering this world. Then something takes over! They are little people each with their own will, their own imagination and the desire to learn and develope is built in each of them. Amazing that God would entrust these little ones into our care. We can lead and guide them and show them the way and hopefully they will walk there in.


  4. I thank God for you and your sister every day. Because of you i developed a hunger for Christ and i'm still growing. We always tried to do the "right" thing, which we can say wasn't always the "best".
    Great post, Jen. ♥


  5. Mom is right. We learned much from you and Lisa. How much you cared for us, like majoriing
    in english, specializing in english literature just for me because of my minimal command of the english language. Oh Jennifer, my daughter. Just look how well I write. too bad you didn't take the
    same time and effort to teach me the front tuck. It would be impressive at my age. but seriously, I love
    your heart and your love for the Lord. Your acions speak volumes.



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