He Danced

He danced wildly, with abandon, befitting of the red hair atop his head. Jumping and turning, landing in karate-like stances, he moved to the music. His mother stood in the back row with her infant asleep in the carrier, but he danced. Whenever a person walked up the aisle, she would gently touch his shoulder, and he would reign in his movements to allow the individual to pass. But when the aisle was once again clear, he reveled in the music.

I watched as he stood still for a moment and lifted his arms to the sky. I was not singing the words on the screen at that moment, and I wasn’t as focused on my own worship as usual. But as I watched him dance, my affections turned to the sleepy one in my lap who, with arm around my neck, stared in wonderment at this little boy. I smiled.

I could feel the Lord smiling, too, as He watched the little children come to Him.

Linking up with Michelle to share how a little boy taught me how to approach God like a child. How has a child taught you about God?

10 thoughts on “He Danced

    1. Oh, yes. I don't dance like that little boy, either, or really much at all, but I know God delights in our honest worship of Him.


  1. I'm not a big hand raiser, but our youth group sits on the front rows of our church and when a few of them raise their hands it makes me teary. There's something about worship, it's so powerful to watch it touch people.


    1. I think we're similar in this regard. I don't think I need to raise my hands in worship, but I think I still have more to learn about truly letting go and letting my spirit worship God. It all goes back to the whole faith like a child thing! 🙂


    1. I know God loves to dance with all of us, but I can't help but think that He takes extra delight in dancing with little ones.


  2. This is so sweet, Jennifer. Now you know, having spent time with me at an evangelical Christian conference, that I am not a hand-raiser, dancer in the aisles kind of worshipper…but I love this and I know I would have been moved by that wild display of love, too.


    1. I'm not, either, but this little boy was so cute! I wish I could be less inhibited and just enjoy worshipping (even if he didn't know that's what he was doing) like he did!


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