A Mother’s Perspective on Her Children Starting School

For almost five years I’ve always had a child awake and by my side during my waking, and sometimes sleeping, hours (thanks to the fact that two of those little boogers stopped napping at age two). But today things change. Today, my two sweet, little girls venture off into the magical place known as ‘preschool.’

For the last three weeks while their brother was at kindergarten, the three of us shared fun times at the library reading stories or at the playground running around. I enjoyed that special time with my girls. But today starts a new rhythm. For two days every week, all of my children will be out of the house for four hours. I’m sure the sound of silence will feel a little strange, and I know moments of sadness will find themselves in the pit of my stomach, but let’s get real. There was only one word that shot into my mind when I saw those three cuties dressed for school:




Children, I love you so much, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m totally excited. Any other parents out there know what I mean?

9 thoughts on “A Mother’s Perspective on Her Children Starting School

  1. Does this mean we can finally meet for coffee and catch up?? Charlotte starts preschool Wednesday and I'll be free MWF mornings during the week! Those are my dissertation writing mornings, but I'd love to pick a date to meet up and visit for a while!


    1. I'd love to pick a date, too! Unfortunately, our kids are on opposite schedules–Chloe goes Tuesday and Thursday. Perhaps we can get coffee at the drive thru and meet at one of our homes while Chloe plays in the background. What do you think?


  2. Oh, that picture of the 3 is too cute! When you and Lisa started school, I remember feeling sooo sad, but then i realized i now had the "me" time i longed for. It's a good thing 🙂


    1. I think so, too. Having a couple breaks during the week might be just what I need to have more quality time with the kiddos when we are all together.


  3. ABSOLUTELY!! I know from very personal experience that it is possible to love our children more than life, to thoroughly and completely enjoy their company AND to be delighted and relieved when we discover some time to ourselves – completely to ourselves, even when it's two hours, twice a week! And as much as I enjoy and appreciate reading about homeschooling on blog after blog, I refuse to feel guilty about that. For me and for my children – and for my grandhchildren, too – school was a very good thing. Not perfect, but then I doubt very much that homeschooling is perfect, either. :>)


    1. Diana, I have wanted to sit down and reply to your last few comments but have had trouble doing so (maybe I'll succeed more now due to those two free hours twice a week!). I LOVE reading your comments because you 'get' me; you have written some of the exact thoughts I have had. Yes, I love having my children around, but I love having alone time, too. And I have had to stop reading some of those homeschooling blogs for the very reason you mentioned. Even though I never had plans to homeschool, sometimes I feel guilty reading the opinions of some of those homeschooling moms. I'm doing the best I can with God's help, and that's all I can do!


  4. You pull on the heart strings like an elastic underwear band, just when it gets to the breaking point, you let it go and snap back to the surface and reality… Laughing… Me too. NIce job!


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