Bending the Rules

Last night my daughter slept on my head. I knew I was uncomfortable all night, as I had scrunched into the smallest ball possible trying not to roll off the side of our king-sized bed, yet it wasn’t until I opened my eyes and looked up that I realized exactly where my daughter had landed.

Matt and I have had a rule for sleeping since our oldest was old enough to start testing our beliefs on sleep: each child is to start off in his or her bed, but if they end up in our bed in the middle of the night, so be it. This rule has worked fairly well, as our oldest sleeps in his bed most nights, except for those rare nights when a bad dream disturbs his sleep.

However, our middle child ends up in our bed every night. Again, it’s not ideal, but we’re okay with our rule.

Well, last night, we brought two little girls into our bed–at the beginning of the night. Three hours of screaming and crying persuaded me to wave the white flag of surrender. I just wanted to lie down and read my book. I was tired of fighting.

As I’ve gotten older, I’m not so sure I’ve gotten wiser. However, I’ve grown more realistic. Convictions are good–they are essential–but some convictions are meant to guide along the path of life. Hold to them too tightly, and one might break.

So as I walk this journey of parenting, marriage, friendships–life–I realize, I need to walk the path with a little more curves. Because sometimes, life is about surviving, surviving with with a smile on my face, and if that means breaking my bedtime rule for one night, so be it.


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Linking up with the Gypsy Mama for her 5 Minute Friday. This week’s topic is ‘Older’ in honor of Lisa-Jo’s birthday!


8 thoughts on “Bending the Rules

  1. Oh, I know how uncomfortable children in bed are. We only have a queen and sometimes there are four of us squished into it. It takes maturity to break the rules you set for yourself on purpose and know that it is not the end of the world!


    1. We used to have a full-sized bed. Matt is 6'2'', and there was a moment when I was nine months pregnant and Caleb was in bed with us that we said, “yeah. this isn't going to work.” I'm working on the whole maturity thing and learning to assess what's really important and when I just need to relax a little.


  2. "Sometimes life is about surviving, surviving with a smile,even if it means breaking the rules" I love that! I would also love it if my kids cuddled with me once in a while, but both of them seem to be much happier in their own beds. In mine, they think it's playtime. 😦


    1. I have a proposition for you: I'll take your kiddos for a week, and you can take mine while they cuddle on top of your head. 😉


  3. Such a great attitude to have. I can tell you that as long as you can maintain this attitude, your child rearing will be way less stressful. The rules are important, but we are all saved by Grace and we rely on that grace and God's mercy to get through everyday. And so do our kiddos. Great words!


  4. sometimes parenting needs to be a day at a time, huh? as mine have gotten older, i've realized that creativity and flexibility are so very important. enjoy that time that they will snuggle!


  5. Three boys who hardly ever crawled in bed with me.
    That I can remember.
    But it HAS been a while since they were little. 😦
    But, our youngest, the princess…she would sneak into our bed practically every night until she was seven or eight. Or was it longer?
    And when she outgrew that, she and her brother would make beds on our floor each weekend…for a long time.
    Until one day it was over.
    At the time, I was probably relieved to have some privacy back.
    No more hanging on to my 2 inches of the bed.
    No more stepping over or ON little people on the way to the bathroom at three a.m.
    But, now I sort of miss it.
    So sometimes when she is drifting off to sleep, I sneak into her bed and snuggle up to her.
    And if I'm really lucky, she runs her fingers through my hair the way she used to when she was little.
    And I hold on to my 2 inches and thank God for the moments that make up motherhood.

    You're so awesome, Jennifer!!
    You always make me think.
    And you inspire me.


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