Sometimes I look at my minivan, the crumb-covered floor, crayon-marked leather, and I think to myself this van is beyond hope. We’d have better luck starting new.

When I clean my bathroom, I instantly notice the mildew stain along the caulking near the floor, that same stain that’s been a part of my showering experience since we first moved into this house. I walk into any room in the house and see closets busting forth with clothes and other junk that I had forgotten existed. And I think it would be so much easier to just move into a new house, start fresh, than to deal with all this junk.

And sometimes, I crave the touch of a newborn curled into my chest. I crave the innocence of a new baby not yet showing the marks of our depraved nature. I remember the days of kids who were too small to sneak cookies or utter words of defiance. I miss new.

But today I said a different prayer. I thought that, perhaps, I don’t need new things or to start over with new babies (God, help me). Instead, I need new eyes. Eyes to see that under van seats with hidden toys and scary surprises is the potential to look brand-new with a little elbow grease (okay, that’s hyperbole. it could look better, though). Eyes to see that some new caulking and lots of deep breaths over many days of cleaning out a little at a time is the potential of a home that is de-cluttered but full of character. And eyes to see into those little souls and know exactly how to touch those sweet spots that crave cookies.

Linking up with The Gypsy Mama for her 5 Minute Friday (or in my case, 8 Minute Friday…I’ve decided that I have a slight disability that doesn’t allow me to think quickly. The time to get ideas from my brain to the keyboard is long, so I’ve allowed myself to bend the rules…but I still didn’t edit).


9 thoughts on “New

  1. Oh, I hear you on the decluttering. Some days I wish I could see my house with new eyes. Visiting from Gypsy Mama, by the way. I love your blog!


  2. You hit it for me this morning. It's not about "new things" or receiving something new, but my prayer is that He would give me new eyes. Eyes to see from His perspective. Thank you for the reminder that all things can be made new. We just have to look and see!


  3. Boy, isn't that the flavor of our society now? When things get messy, we want to throw away the stained or problematic things in our lives, including loved ones and look for something new. It doesn't matter how many new things we get, the all tend toward disorder physically.

    It is only the power of God in our lives that can clean an old heart and make it better than brand new. That clean. loving heart gave you a great perspective to share and remind us today.



  4. Oh, I do that too. I look at things and think I'd rather get something new than fix what I have. Whether it's clothes, carpet, or chipped paint on the walls, I'm so guilty of just wanting a quick (albeit way expensive fix). I need to change my perspective.


  5. new babies – God help me – made me laugh! I've often told my husband I want a new construction house that is brand spanking shiny and clean. But it would eventually get dirty. But seeing it through new eyes – thankful and appreciative makes a big difference. (and you're right, there is character is these creaky halls and dusty corners 🙂


  6. I just saw your mother's reply to your blog, DON'T LISTEN TO HER!!! At least not right now.
    It's nice to start over, throw the old stuff out and buy new. Just remember, that old stuff was once new and the new stuff you buy will become old and perhaps junky. So if the old stuff just needs a little elbow grease to make it look good again, do it and get the wonderful feeling, satisfaction of a job well done..

    Remember, satisfaction is getting a rise out of something that a little while ago was getting you down.
    The Book of Joe – 23:12

    Does this mean you will be cleaning out your car?


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