I’m constantly amazed at the work of God’s hands to take the ugly, jagged pieces of our broken lives and make a beautiful mosaic. Where we once saw pain and death, we see a new masterpiece where God has used all those experiences to shape us into something stronger, better.

Over the last few months I’ve witnessed some of these pieces. I saw God’s hands hold the sharp piece holding death, and He painted soft colors through the middle where friends brought comfort. I saw pieces containing disappointment over lost jobs and an end to one phase of life only for God to draw a new picture for the future in its place.

And I saw the small, insignificant pieces become part of the masterpiece, the pieces of messes on the kitchen floor when a little girl wants to feel like a woman. The pieces where banana pudding recipes contain thyme and honey and pepper and are joined to a new piece, one with the opportunity for a mother to help clean up the mess and make something beautiful. I saw the beauty of the new piece, a memory of creating something new and good out of the misguided intentions of an almost four-year-old.

Just the way God does with our messes when He comes alongside to gently clean away the spills and create a work of art in its place.

Joining up with the Gypsy Mama for her ‘5 Minute Friday’ on ‘Beauty.’ In an attempt at full disclosure, today was more like a 10 minute Friday for me due to a brain freeze in the middle of writing, but I did not edit my work per the rules. Where do you find beauty?


13 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. You are so beautifully gifted with your words, which are an expression of what lives in your heart.
    Hannah has a wonderful teacher. I love this one. ♥


  2. Haven't been over for a while, you know how busy life can be? Just needed some soothing words provided through you by God. Great thoughts and a beautiful picture painted with those healing words. Great job as always.


    1. Thanks, Floyd. I understand completely. I've done a horrible job reading others' posts and commenting. Once we're in the swing of things again with school, I'm sure I'll do better. I appreciate your support whenever you have time to drop by. 🙂


  3. How beautiful.
    This will completely alter my perspective while I clean up the mess from last night's slumber party.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Always look forward to one of your posts.


  4. I shared it on my facebook page, by the way.
    Hope that is alright.
    It offers healing.
    And I know a lot of people who could use healing right now.
    Thank you again for posting.


  5. This beauty post was beautiful! And that sweet picture of your daughter in the kitchen; priceless. It seems little girls come into the world wanting to be grown. 🙂


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