I’m linking up with The Gypsy Mama for her “Five Minute Friday.”The rules: Write for five minutes flat without tweaking or editing.




We lay in bed, two separate twin beds, three children crammed in sleeping bags between our beds, at the foot, beside us. And I looked over in that dark room at you, a tall man in that small bed, and you said, “You can come over here.”

And I excitedly climbed over kids to cuddle next to you, if only for a minute before we drifted to sleep. In wonder I lay as you wrapped your strong hands around me, wonder that you who had driven until three in the morning, tired and uncomfortable, loved me so much that you would exchange a good night’s sleep for a sleep holding your wife.

It was then that I knew how much you truly loved me; it was then that I knew I would be safe in your arms forever.


We are on vacation for a long weekend, but I figured I could muster five minutes of writing! I was very distracted by a two-year-old who has suddenly developed separation anxiety–as in I cannot be more than 24 inches away from her at any given time without a meltdown ensuing. Nevertheless, I wrote what I could, and I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts later this weekend. Thank you for stopping by!



9 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Oh, so wonderful. I love how you portrayed your love despite this somewhat challenging season of mothering small children and still trying to find time to love and honor your husband. I'm in that one, too.

    Great to "meet" you – have a wonderful vacation!


  2. Aww super sweet.
    I love when women just love their husbands! In this day and age so many get credit for just putting up with them.


  3. This touched my heart.
    I am blessed that you mustered those five minutes for us. Enjoy your vacation.


    Sorry for not forwarding this to my wife, it is inspiring though. That would be a true test of selflessness. Good for you guys, hope you have a great time.


    1. Yes, I've been tempted to think he's a saint before, but then I see the pile of clothes on the floor and change my mind. 😉


    1. Thanks, Michelle. It ended up being a little mushier than I planned, but the two-year-old climbing in my lap completely broke my rhythm. Oh, well. I guess I can be sappy once in a while. 😉


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