Sad News

I spent the last two days at my parents’ house since Matt was out of town, and I had planned to write a silly post about my brief consideration of moving in with them. However, that post no longer seems appropriate, and, truthfully, I am at a loss for words.

Last year, I shared my best friend Wendy’s story as her husband battled esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, his battle ended this morning.

To say that Wendy is an amazing woman is an understatement. In fact, I consider her a mystery of God. Not only can her mind calculate strange math problems and understand the concepts of AP Physics, enough so to teach a group of high school students, she can write the most beautiful prose one’s eyes have ever seen. But more amazing than her display of giftedness is her inspiring faith. I encourage you today to read the journal Wendy and Emmett together chronicled so beautifully of their fight with cancer.

I know many of you who read this blog pray and believe in a God who answers prayers. I ask you today to pray with all your heart for Wendy and her son Quinn. And for those of you who may read my blog and are unresolved in your faith, I challenge you to read Wendy and Emmett’s testimony. I truly believe their faith will inspire you. And I believe, whether or not you know what you believe, God hears the prayers of all His children. Wendy and Quinn could use them today.

Would you please pray with me?

Dear God, may Wendy and Quinn feel your arms of love surround them as they grieve. Give Wendy the strength she will need in the days, months, years ahead, and guide Quinn as he grows. May they never forget the love and happiness they shared with Emmett, and may they all be united together one day in your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Feel free to add your own prayers for Wendy and Quinn in the comments if you are willing to pray publicly. Publicly or privately, I appreciate all your prayers for my friend.

21 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. Jennifer, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks be to God for the hope we have in Christ to see each other again and that we never have to say goodbye. Praying along with you.


  2. Dear Lord, Heavenly Father,
    You have promised to lift us up from our grief and despair. We pray for Wendy & Quinn, Father God, that you will sustain them in their days of sorrow. We know that their hearts are broken, but your grace is sufficient. We pray, Father, for Emmett’s Mom & Dad & his siblings.
    Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
    We pray in your Son, Jesus’ name.


  3. Oh Jennifer, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Emmett. I have followed their story ever since you posted a link in your sidebar about them back at the new year. I was just at his site last week. Esophegeal cancer is close to me — Brad's brother was diagnosed with it 8 years ago. He had a 15% chance of survival, and miraculously, he has survived. Truly a miracle of God.

    I am praying for Wendy and Quinn right now.

    Dear God, please shine your light on Wendy and Quinn as they weather this terrible loss. Make your presence known to them. Give them hope and courage and peace. Wrap your comfort and love around them and carry them through these days and weeks and beyond. Amen.


    1. Thank you for your prayer, Michelle, and for following Wendy and Emmett's story. I'm so glad Brad's brother is healed; after seeing what Emmett went through, I know what a miracle a healing from this type of cancer is!


  4. Jennifer,

    I am more sorry than I can possibly put into words for your friend's deep loss – and for yours. I did not catch the sidebar note as I subscribe to blogs via email whenever I can, so I'm seldom on blogs themselves. This is so sad, so hard.

    My oldest daughter lost her husband almost 3 years ago – to the after-effects of cancer treatment given before they were married. His cancer was not esophogeal, but all of his difficulties were similar as he had massive head and neck radiation when he was 17. He was 44 when he died. So I am fully aware of the pain of these last months of suffering and struggle – and of the great, black void that has opened in Wendy's life. Oh, Lord, have mercy –

    Suffering Savior, Resurrected Lord – Thank you for your promise of everlasting presence with us, in the good times and in the hard times. May your grace infuse the hearts of all who loved this man, bringing sweet memories in the midst of tears, for the joy of shared story is what connects us so deeply to one another and to you, the Great Storyteller. May Wendy find rest for her weary body and spirit, may Quinn find loving comfort in the midst of his confusion, may friends find ways to offer practical, hands on help – meals, companionship, childcare, help with legalities — oh the journey of dying and grief is so difficult for us, Lord! So….we rest in you, we trust you to be present, we cry out to you from the depths and we know that you hear, that you walk with us in the darkness of the valley and that you can and will redeem this pain and struggle in ways we cannot possibly see or understand. For Jesus' sake, Amen.


    1. Thank you for your beautiful prayer and for sharing your story. Don't worry about missing my sidebar note; I've obviously not done a very good job about updating those links, anyway.The celebration of life service this weekend was very nice, but I know Wendy is heartbroken, as is everyone who loves them. Thankfully, she belongs to a wonderful church who has really shown what it means to love like Jesus. Please continue to pray for Wendy as she still has the burial and then the huge challenge of going back to life as 'normal.'


  5. Jennifer,
    Praying for Wendy & Quinn.
    And will continue to do so.
    Also praying for you in this time, that the Holy Spirit will guide you in His wisdom and peace as you minister to your friend at this time.


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