On Forgetting

I can’t remember anything. At least, the events I’d like to keep stored away in my mind. My mom will ask, “Jennifer, do you remember the time we went to ___ and you did ___” and I will answer, “No, mom; you know I have a horrible memory.”

What’s funny are the things that I do remember. I remember the time the boy in 7th grade made fun of my hairy arms (which incidentally, I never notice anymore but looked at in horror almost every day in my youth); I remember every argument my husband and I had while planning our wedding–conflicts over the guest list and comments that were made–yet we had never argued before.

And I wonder, if I could remove these negative memories, would I have more room for precious times like this…

and this…


Mom tried to buy us coats for Christmas and bought us the exact OPPOSITE of what we'd like

Linking up with the Gypsy Mama today for her 5-Minute Friday where we each have 5 minutes to write on the assigned topic. (And now we all have proof that I’m one of the slowest writers in the world)


17 thoughts on “On Forgetting

  1. Love this. So many times the negative, painful memories take up permanent residence and I have to work to remember the good times. I think I just need to be more disciplined about what thoughts I entertain.

    During one especially painful time in my life, I fasted the painful thoughts. I did not allow myself to dwell there. It was intentional. It was difficult. But it was very rewarding.

    Great post!


  2. Had i known that boy insulted you, i would have tripped him in the hall. If the old wives' tale is true, hairy arms means longevity. I still think those jackets were nice. The picture of you and Matt is great; you both look wonderful. Christie is correct; think on the pleasant; i need to remember this myself .
    Good job!


  3. My sister's always doing that to me: "Hey. Remember when we did _______ and you said _________ and you were wearing ___________ and I was wearing _________ and….." Oh, she goes on and on while I look at her with my blank stare. Sometimes I wonder if she really remembers those things she prods me with, or if she's just trying to make me feel old and feeble. : )


    1. I can relate! My memory is so horrible, and my family tends to repeat stories. As a result, I don't know if I'm remembering an actual event or a story that they've created!


  4. I'm right with you. Matt will bring up moments we shared that I have completely erased from my memory and he is appalled that I forgot. Yet you remember all the painful names you were called or the parties you were not invited to, etc. Ugh. If you find a way to remove the painful memories, let me know. You may make a fortune!


  5. Hey, maybe you're 'slow,' but you are, as always, deeply insightful and darn near profound. Love this thoughtful post and the pictures, too. Thanks for it.


    1. Oh, goodness; everything about them was wrong. We wanted simple pea coats; plain buttons, possibly gray or black. Instead, the coats were shiny with zippers in random places with gold medallions dangling from them. They were big and poofy. I think my sister's had the brand name “Baby Phat” embossed all over the coat. And then there was the fur. We were hysterical because the coats couldn't have been more opposite than what we would've wanted. I'm glad I have that picture to remind me. (even though my horrible make-up and that coat make me look like Cruella De Vil)


  6. I do the exact same thing. Why, I have no idea. If you ever figure out how to remember the positive and forget the negative let me know.


  7. I thought you were taking a break? I'm glad your at least devoting 5 minutes to your writing. The things I remember, I remember in vivid detail. The stuff I forget, forget about it. I do remember that my wife and I have never been on a cruise… I don't think I'm going to share this post with her. She'll remember that we haven't been on a cruise as well due to the picture of you and Matt. What little memory I have, serves me well… Love the way you spin your words, the style is all you.


    1. I'm taking a break from hosting the link-up 'Journeys' on Friday and from waking up at five in order to write four days a week! I still plan to blog, but I'm going to be more relaxed about it this summer.Don't be jealous of our cruise; if we had been doing the Dave Ramsey financial plan back then, we wouldn't have taken it, either! 😉


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