Warm, Sunny Days

Matt took the week off from work to coincide with the kids’ Spring Break from preschool. He never said so, but I think he took the time off for me as much as for him. And it’s been wonderful.

Watching the kids look in pure wonder at a part of God’s creation that they never see, and seeing the whole family smiling together–I couldn’t ask for anything more.

And, yet, I want to ask for a little more; I want to know how to keep this joy even when Matt goes back to work.

I know part of the answer. When we work together and play together and choose to experience our days together, even if we’re not doing the same thing…

…life runs a little smoother, time-outs and the need for discipline a little more rare.

And so we spent our day outside, each engaged in a different task beneath the warm sunshine, amidst a butterfly or two who would dance its way across our backyard proclaiming to us that spring is here. Picking the black soil out of our fingernails or green Play-doh out of its little cylinder–we were free to make messes and revel in their goodness.

And as I walk this journey in a quest for joy, a peace and contentment with my children every day, I can’t help but ask God one more question:

Is there any way you could make it warm and sunny every day?


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11 thoughts on “Warm, Sunny Days

  1. My journey?

    I was promoted to senior editor of a website today so now I’m in charge of writers. It’s surreal.

    And I’m terrified.

    Your family is so cute by the way πŸ™‚


    1. Duane, that\’s awesome! Congratulations! You have no reason to be terrified–you\’re hard-working and talented, the perfect combination!

      And thank you–I think they\’re pretty cute, too. πŸ™‚


  2. Our days go much more smoothly when Craig is around too. Something about having some support, even being able to look at him over Chessa's head when she's throwing a tantrum just makes it seem so much easier. Is spring break over for you now? 😦

    as for me? …
    I am completely torn about finishing grad school. when i applied last fall, I was all inspired and had big loft goals of a new job with a fancy title. Now, I'm only one class in and took a term off to have the baby, but with two kids, i dont know when i'll find the time… and also? i'm wondering if maybe all I need is a job that pays the bills and gets me home at nights and on weekends to be the kind of mother I want to be.


    1. Yes, today was the last day of spring break. 😦 This was one of the rare times in our family's history when Matt has been home for a whole week with us! It went by too quickly, and I didn't accomplish nearly what I wanted, but we still enjoyed each other.Well, you know I'm biased since I stay home with my kids. I guess the question to ask yourself is why do you need the degree RIGHT NOW? Do you need a new job with a fancy title? What will come with that fancy title–I'd imagine more work and responsibility. I definitely think there is value to postponing some goals until after the kids are grown (or at least in school). It's not that I don't think women can 'do it all' or do the same things as men; I just don't see how we can give fully to one without giving a little less than our best to another.At the same time, I think moms definitely need time that is just theirs. If I could find a part-time job where childcare wouldn't be an issue, I'd probably snatch it up in a minute b/c I currently don't get any alone time. If getting a degree is that kind of time for you and you look forward to it, then go for it…as long as you won't wish later that you spent that time instead with your kids while they were small.I apologize if you didn't want me to reply to your comment! Let me know, and the next time I'll stop typing. πŸ˜‰


  3. There is always safety in numbers. I love your pictures and now i'm picturing butterflies dancing. I think i'm in Hannahland. Matt and the kids look genuinely happy; all of you are so photogenic.
    Enjoy the rest of the week. :)♥


  4. I'm not sure where you live, but I live in Arizona and it's sunny and warm almost everyday of the year. I'm really not trying to be a smart aleck, it's just that the "grass is always greener" thing has some merit. The struggles of life and especially with kids has no geological or weather barriers. We humans have a habit of getting comfortable with all of the blessings and we forget to be thankful for as much as we have, I'm referring to me more than you, your words just reminded me of it today. It truly is the small things that bring peace and joy isn't it? Nice job, I find my soul a little more relaxed due to your words today. Thank you so much.


    1. You are completely right, Floyd. I need to find ways to keep the kids engaged where they don't get in trouble inside. I just love the days outside–they can start with Play-Do or painting, and when they get bored, they run around and do something else. But when they're inside…they get bored and sneak treats or paint on the walls or whatever else–I really feel like I have to actively watch them during all their waking hours, and it's gets tiring. Not trying to complaining–just explaining why I love the warm sunshine! πŸ™‚


      1. I gotcha, I'm not pointing fingers. When our kids were young and I had to watch just the little one with the big girls help, at the end of the day I felt like I'd ran a marathon… There is no job harder and more important than the job of a mom. Your heart and desire is what makes you a great mom. By the way you have one beautiful family. Maybe some raincoats? (isn't it just like a man to try to fix what you're really not needing to have fixed, just trying to share and a man ruins it. Maybe this will make Matt look even better!)
        I'm enjoying the interaction and all comments made I do so with all due respect, as well as the respect I have for your God given talent of writing. Thanks Jennifer…


  5. Warm sunny days…sigh…I have asked for a lot of those since having moved to MA. We moved from San Diego, my hometown. I never expected New England to be so gray for so many months! That is in the literal sense…but in the figurative….yes, things run so much more smoothly when Dr. Romance is home, too. It makes me appreciate my sis so much more. She is a single mom. Where were your aquarium pics taken? They remind me of Shark Encounter at Sea World.


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