I walked out the doors of Lodging with my coworker beside me. I don’t remember where we were going, but the sun was shining causing me to squint, the weather warm. Parked along the curb was a father with his two sons. He was unloading the car of their bags, hunched over, trying to keep the boys next to him at the same time.

I remember the little boys, dressed in their camouflage, wearing the sandy tan and green pattern from head to the toe of their tiny boots. And I remember as I walked out the sliding doors in my own blues and flight cap watching one boy in particular.

As the doors closed behind me, he looked up and saw me. His mouth took the shape of a circle as he sucked in the air around him. His heavy boots danced a little jig as he jumped to attention, and his arm moved up the center of his body as he whipped out a sharp salute. He stood as still and as rigid as a statue, this little boy, who moments before, had the same inability to stand still as evidenced in all young boys of his age.

And I smiled, doing my best to surpress a giggle, and returned the salute. I continued walking on my way to the right with my coworker, the two of us chuckling at the image of the little soldier behind me, so impressed with the uniform I was wearing.

It was the best salute I had ever received.

What is a memory you have that is not necessarily the most significant but stands out in your mind like a photograph? Tell me about it below, or if you’ve written about it before (or want to now), include a link to your post in the comments section.

Thank you for all the feedback you gave yesterday regarding ‘Journeys.’ Starting this week, I will not provide a specific topic for ‘Journeys’ but, instead, give everyone the freedom to write on whatever journey God is taking him or her on now. Our life is one big journey, but within that journey, we learn many lessons. Perhaps, God is taking you on a journey through prayer, or maybe you are on a journey of submission to His will. Maybe in this time of Lent you are on a journey of sacrifice. Whatever the journey, I would love for you to share your post, whether it be a story, poem, photograph, essay, etc., this Friday!

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  1. Again , a little late replying to this blog….. Well I salute you for your perserverance and dedication to preparing on a regular basis an interesting and informative blog.




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