Signs of spring have been here for a few weeks–the warm breeze, little white flowers abloom on trees that smell perfectly awful, and the sounds of birds chirping their new songs–but this weekend the knowledge of spring officially arriving put a bounce in my step.

I grabbed the special platter and covered  blue and yellow flowers with fresh-baked banana muffins. The sun streamed in through the breakfast windows, and placing the muffins on a plate didn’t seem to fit the occasion.

Spring was here. Actually, it would arrive the next day, but I had my dates mixed up. In my mind, spring was here, and the weather complemented my error. And as I placed each muffin atop another, I thought of my grandmother.

Grandma Ann’s birthday was the first day of spring, or at least, unofficially. Her actual birthday was May 1st, but Grandma decided that she wanted to celebrate her birth on the first day of spring, so every year we did.

I always thought the idea was a little crazy, but, now, as I watch signs of life peeking out from their long slumber, I think one couldn’t choose a more beautiful birthday. And as Grandma brought color and passion with her everywhere she went, the date is rather fitting, too.

Grandma Ann died during the heat of summer, but looking back, I realize her death was perfect. For within days of her passing, I found out that life was growing within me, a gentle reminder that spring always comes.

6 thoughts on “Spring

  1. The impact your grandma had on your life is a blessing to your family now, and in fact makes up at least part of who you are. Even in sorrow that reminds us of this temporary life, there is joy in recounting the ones God used to help shape ours. This was a beautiful tribute to your grandma, parents, and family. Thanks for sharing her life with us.


  2. I love that your grandma just picked a day for her birthday and celebrated it every year on that day- that's great.

    Right now I'm looking out the window and a snow/ice/sleet storm, so I know not what you speak of when you say, "Spring". I'm not all that sad about it though, because they canceled class today. free day!


  3. My Mom's birthday is March 21st and she just celebrated her 94th. Such a special woman she is – kind, caring, outgoing and loving. I haven't seen her since Christmas but talk to her very often. Thanks for your post.


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