Parting the Red Sea

As our small group meeting was coming to a close, I debated whether or not to complete the thought that was already pouring out of my mouth:

“I’m not saying that I have greater faith than Moses, but I’d like to think that if I saw my hand turn white with leprosy and then return to normal or my staff turn into a snake and then a staff again, then I wouldn’t doubt that God was in control. But I hesitate to say what I’m thinking because I know I’m going to be tested now….”

And shortly after, the testing began.

To be fair, the testing actually began before small group, and I failed miserably. While sitting for three hours with my daughter in a medical clinic open on Sundays, I began to unhinge. I was supposed to be creating 16 Jedi robes for my son’s 5th birthday party. I was supposed to be looking over my notes for Bible study. I was supposed to be replying to comments and reading the other blogs that I had neglected last week. I was supposed to be enjoying a leisurely Sabbath–not waiting for a strep throat diagnosis (again).

And I definitely was not supposed to leave that clinic without an antibiotic in hand and a daughter on the path to recovery. The unhinging was near complete. I cried on the way home. I cried on the way to small group. And I cried on the way home after small group.

I didn’t want to face another week with a sick kid, especially since I now would have to make a doctor’s appointment in the morning. I didn’t want to deal with the chaos of planning a birthday party during the same week my husband was to have his own out-patient procedure on the same day my son was playing in his first Tee ball game. I felt overwhelmed before Monday morning hit.

So I’m not quite sure what changed between 8:30 p.m. Sunday night and 6:00 a.m. Monday morning. Perhaps I actually received the prayer I asked for last night. Perhaps I knew I would be tested and tried to mentally prepare. Perhaps I relaxed when I saw that my husband put away laundry and cleaned the mess that reminded me of what would happen if a mailbox threw up on my countertops. Most likely, it was a combination of all three, but whatever the reason, I woke up calm.

I woke up calm even though a second child had climbed into our bed in the middle of the night, hot with fever. I remained calm on the way to our doctor’s appointment and as we left with our prescriptions in hand. I remained calm when my sick boy threw up in the Publix parking lot, and I remained calm when my daughter spit her five-dose total medicine all over the two of us. And I even remained calm when another parent responded to the invitation, and I realized just how many Jedi robes and light sabers I had to make by this weekend.

I wasn’t going to come unhinged, and every time I felt like I could, I heard God whisper:

I didn’t ask you to part the Red Sea; I asked you to love and comfort your sick children. I didn’t ask you to take on Pharaoh; I asked you to support your husband and remain calm for him.

I didn’t ask you to throw a birthday party or create Jedi robes–that was your choice. I didn’t ask you to write on your blog four times a week or respond to every comment that comes your way–those were your goals.

And I didn’t ask you to have a spotless house; I asked that you not give in to idleness but give your best at whatever you do. And sometimes giving your best is letting go of those things that aren’t as important at the moment.

God didn’t ask me to part the Red Sea; He asked me to be a good mom today. And even though there are times when I might think parting the Red Sea would be easier, I have to remember that the God over Moses is the God over me. He’s in charge, and thank the Lord!

Because when I look at the Christmas outfit my daughter wore to the doctor’s today, I know clearly I’m not!

I’m linking up with Michelle today. If you haven’t before, head on over to her site. You won’t be disappointed! And if you’re interested in linking up with me, come back with your own post on Friday for this week’s journey on faithfulness.

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,Β 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law (Galatians 5:22-23, New International Version, 2010).

14 thoughts on “Parting the Red Sea

  1. Jennifer, to remain calm through all that?! God is most certainly by your side! I would have lost it at the Publix puking for sure, never mind all the rest of it.

    I hope that God's calm continues to pervade your spirit and your home. I hope that your kids get better soon, and that your husband's procedure goes well (I've endured both those procedures, btw, and lived to tell about it). I hope you get the robes made in time (are you insane, by the way, taking on such a project?! Have you ever heard of buying junky stuff at Dollar Tree???). And I hope God's word continues to ring in your head all week long.

    Will pray peace for you, dear friend. Thanks for linking up — sending love and Calgon (or maybe wine would be better at this point?).


    1. Thanks for your prayers! I've been able to check a couple things off the list: a friend volunteered to finish my light sabers, I made the robes, Matt had his procedure, and Caleb had his first game (and did AWESOME). Now on to the belts and cake and cleaning and such.Making all of this really was cheaper in the end than even going to the dollar store–I made 20 or so light sabers for $6 instead of having to buy 20 for $20.Mmmm…I'll take that wine that you offered…but I might not finish the rest of the party planning! πŸ˜‰ Hoping to catch up on all your great blogs soon!


  2. This is absolutely my favoritest piece you’ve written. And I can’t help but wonder, if my old pastor wasn’t correct when he said, “Sonetime the most spiritual thing a person can do is take a nap.”


  3. I'm praying for you that today will be filled with peace and calm. Hannah has the right idea about keeping Christmas alive all year long. (at least she didn't choose Caleb's clothes.:) )


  4. Awesome entry, Jennifer! Thank you for the reminder. I wonder if someone was not praying for you between the hours of your change in perspective, asking God to fill you with peace. I will say lots of prayers for you this week and I can't wait to hear how your week went.


    1. I, agree. I'm not normally calm (as everyone can tell), so the power of prayer had to be involved! Thanks for your prayers, as well. I'm doing my best to catch up on comments and blogs, so I hope to get over to your blog soon!


  5. So much to go through, but pretty amazing how you can feel calm through the whole thing. Just read a devotional talking about 'my goals' and the stuff I think I need to do, versus His.

    Especially the blog thing, sometimes I feel so stressed that i haven't posted in a while- I just need to relax and know that it's not that big of a deal.


  6. May theLord keep His hand on you and the kids…at least unti8l all the Jedi characters leave your home for a new adventure. I am blessed to have a daughter who has such faith and is obedient to the Lord.



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