The Boy in Front of Me

Everyone says that I will miss the time when you were small. And sure, there will be those days when I miss squeezing that bouncing little boy–who wouldn’t? You were so cute and cuddly!

Yet, as I watched you take your bat in hand and walk in front of the row of coaches looking on from the outfield, my heart raced a little in excitement. We have entered a new phase of life. No longer are you my little baby, but you have grown into a little boy who makes me proud.

Perhaps Play-doh and preschool didn’t come as naturally for us, but Tee Ball we can do. We can play catch and practice and cheer from the sidelines. We can eagerly anticipate every game with you and assure you when you’re nervous. We can celebrate with you when you win and remind you to be a good sport when you don’t.

Yes, we can do Tee Ball, and we can do ‘Go Fish.’ We can do ‘Go Fish’ and puzzles and put on little plays. We can practice reading stories and writing our own ones (with illustrations!), too.

People said that I would miss those days when you were a baby, but I don’t know. I’m pretty excited about that big boy who is in front of me now.

Did you have a favorite phase in your child’s life? When was it?

And don’t forget about Journeys this Friday! The topic for the week is forgiveness. Don’t really understand Journeys? Check out the new tab at the top of the page, and tell me what you think!

13 thoughts on “The Boy in Front of Me

  1. Oh, how i remember that picture of Caleb! He had just discovered the faucet that spewed water and his giggles were contagious. I must admit there are times i wish i could start over again with you and your sister. I miss holding my pumpkins; but thank you, Jennifer and Lisa for giving me the most precious gifts of all….my GRAND babies.


    1. And once again, my mother proves that she likes her grandchildren more than her own daughters. :)___________________________________


  2. Love the new Journey tab Jen. I have to admit, I do sometimes miss that baby phase. For some of the same reasons, they are so cute and cuddly…and somehow that represents my "younger years". But if I was honest, I'm extremely happy in the phase we are in now. The kids are frowing up and more independent now. We are intereacting in new ways, and learning together. We are on a journey of growing them into the men and women God wants them to be, and that is stretching me and growing me too. I find that extremely hard, and yet very fulfilling. I have heard it said it is better to enjoy every phase you are in. It is hard sometimes I think to live in the moment, but there is some sound wisdom there. I'm realizing as I look at them, how quickly these years are going and it makes me want to slow them down some how. Anyway, great post Jen. I think the tab on Journey's is great, hopefully it will draw more people in to join us. 🙂


  3. I have 3 grown boys, and this rings so true. I never missed the baby days so much as I now miss the "little boy" days. I look at them now, grown and on their own and I ache for the days when I was on the bleachers, cheering them on as their little legs pumped so fast to carry them through the bases. Cherish every single moment, it goes by in the blink of an eye.


    1. Leigh, you need to tell those boys to find wives and give you some grandchildren! ;)In all seriousness, you just broke my heart. While I look forward to the day when they will all have more independence, I dread the day at the same time._______________________________________


  4. I miss the innocence of my daughters when they were younger, I was proud to have the two oldest excel and receive accolades and scholarship offers for their sports achievements. And now the little one receiving metals for her sport. However the days and years of their lives that brought them to where they are now I miss sorely. I miss holding them with my forearm as their seat and their little arms around my neck.


    1. Aww, man! You guys are making me want to cry today! I'm regretting writing this post! 😉 ________________________________________


    1. I know! I didn't feel sad until I started looking at all of those pictures again and reading everyone's responses. I need to stop making everyone cry! 🙂


  5. Jennifer, every stage is so special, even to the day they grow up and become friends and give us grandchildren. Being a mother and NANA is my greatest joy. Looking back, I would say, live every day to the fullest and know that the time you have them at home is very short, so cherish every moment! I look forward to the sports games, ballet, cheerleading, gymastics, recitals or whatever comes our way with our precious grandchildren.


  6. I almost started crying at your first picture… because that's where my little guy is now and I know he'll be as big as Caleb soon enough! But I must say, I find myself wanting to play games, and tell stories, and hear funny, innocent phrases come from those little mouths. My mom said she enjoyed each stage the best. Whatever age we happened to be, she just enjoyed us more and more. I'm hoping when I look back over the years, I'll say the same.


    1. I, agree with your mom–that's my goal. Otherwise, I don't want to spend their childhood sad wishing they were small!


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