The Researcher

It’s amazing what I’ve learned about myself by discovering what I’m not. And most of the things I’m not, I’ve learned from watching my husband.

Before we were even engaged, my future husband helped me on this process of self-discovery. I had my first job teaching students American literature, and I had decided I wanted to buy a desk and bookshelf. I hate shopping, so I had planned to find a desk that I liked at the first store I went into and then go home.

Matt, however, had a better idea. He took me to every store that carried desks in the entire state of Georgia, causing my eyes to blur and stomach to feel nauseous. Β And in the end, I bought a desk from the first store I went into. But as Matt so wisely stated, now I could be sure that I had the desk I really wanted.

Matt is always informed. Whereas I decide I want something and get it right then and there, Matt whips out his computer or phone, looks up all the reviews, compares prices between this site and that, orders a background check on the store owners, etc.

When I said we needed to get our chimney inspected, I found a coupon in one of our mailers and called that number. Matt, however, e-mailed me the number of an inspector he had found online after reading 10,000 reviews.

When Matt and I were going out of town so that I could attend a conference and have a night away together in the process, I showed Matt the list of hotels provided by the conference. Matt looked up every hotel on that list and off, spent three days equating the walking distance from the hotel to the convention center divided by the driving time to local restaurants times the access to Wi-Fi…so we could stay in the room for a total of nine hours.

Matt researches everything. When he was preparing to leave for a business trip, he Google-searched how to iron and pack a shirt–apparently Martha Stewart knows more about this topic than I. When I said the meat in the refrigerator was fine, Matt had to ask the online community how long meat stays fresh. And before beginning his workout routine, Matt read an entire book on the subject and cross-referenced all the sources in the back to determine what actually was the most effective way to get healthy.

I kidded with Matt that if he spent half as much time working out as he did reading about it, he would already look like this man.

While Matt’s propensity to rely on the internet before making a decision can drive me a little crazy, I have to admit that I always feel better about our decisions knowing Matt’s thoroughly investigated them. I trust him and his judgment, and I appreciate that he cares enough about the choices we make to ensure we’re making the right choices.

There is one choice that he didn’t fully investigate, though…


He didn’t realize how nasty I can act when I’m tired. He didn’t know how a countertop strewn with papers can turn his wife into a raving lunatic. He didn’t imagine how ugly his bride could appear without makeup and sleep.

And, yet, if he’s suffered from buyer’s remorse, he’s never tried to return the original for a better model. Β Matt’s committed to this purchase, and for that, I will always love him.

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20 thoughts on “The Researcher

  1. This ENTIRE post made me laugh out loud.. a lot. Matt sounds EXACTLY like your lovely cousin, TJ. He has to research EVERYTHING before we commit to it.. hotels, restaurants, activities, stores. We will be in Target looking for something (ranging from electronics to a blanket) and he will be in the middle of the aisle on his iPhone researching the product on more than one website. It usually makes me feel better, but sometimes I just want to grab whatever it is we need and make a mad dash to the checkout counter before he notices πŸ™‚


  2. I'm visiting from Mama Kat's and happy to find your blog! Love the post. Very sweet. Is your husband in a pretty technical profession? Mine is a scientist, and this sounds a lot like him! It is so reassuring to know that we can rely on their informed decisions, isn't it?


    1. Yes, in fact, Matt does work in a technical profession. And he loves technology in general, so any excuse to get on the computer or iphone is a good excuse for him! But as you wrote, it is reassuring to know that he has done the research.I'm so glad you visited today! I'm looking forward to stopping by your blog next!


  3. Haa!! It's funny because the whole time I was reading this I was thinking- I'm matt! My husband always gives me grief about all my researching and reviewing. But someone in the family has got to do it!

    I also surprised my husband with how nasty I can get when I'm tired/woken up when I don't want to be. He still loves me.


    1. It's good to have at least one researcher in every pair–it just can't be me! Honestly, I'm not nearly as good at it. I can try to search for something on Google and find nothing. Matt, on the other hand, will compile a whole list of what I'm looking for in 15 seconds. And that's why I normally leave it to him! ;)Thank goodness for patient husbands!


  4. You are your father’s daughter. We know how Dad loves to shop (not)!
    So, i am very thankful for Matt, too. For most major purchases we know who to call for information. And, the picture of Matt with Hannah Grace is more precious than any man with abs of steel. πŸ™‚ Most of the time, they are airbrushed anyway.
    Love, Mom


  5. This sounds a lot lot my husband! He's an engineer, and takes forever to make any decisions. He researches everything. I often just go out and buy. For vacations, I may check Trip Advisor and make a hotel choice in a day. This is never good enough for him. He must be 100% sure he will have zero buyer's remorse. Yes, we end up with good stuff and fun vacations. I just need extreme patience in those planning stages. Thanks for coming by today! Happy Thursday. -Julie


  6. Amusing post. Kind of reminds me of how I've made my Dad shake his head a few times these past few years when we'd come to a point in a conversation that needed a reference or more info: I whip out my Blackberry, enter a few search terms, and in short time am providing the answer one of us needed. Well, imagine MY surprise when we're talking a few months back and one thing leads to another and I mention how bright Jupiter is that night, and offer advice on how to pick it out. He counters that he saw it already, and used the star map app on his Droid to ID it. Never was so proud. πŸ™‚
    And, um, forgive me, but it would have been nice to get my permission before posting my shirtless picture here. -Tom


    1. Tom, your comment cracked me up! I mean, (ahem), I apologize for not asking your permission first. Note to self for next time. πŸ™‚


  7. I’m somewhere in between you and Matt. I like to shop but I don’t usually have enough money at one time for the big or important purchases. So while I save up, I do research. However, I consider it a personal triumph if I’m able to find what I need at the first store!

    I wonder if Jai has had any ‘buyers remorse’ BECAUSE of all the papers and junk I leave strewn about the house….


  8. This is a fantastic tribute to your hubby and a sweet introduction to you… No buyer's remorse needed. πŸ™‚
    Catching up and stopping by from MamaKat's


    1. Thank you for visiting, Elizabeth, and for your sweet comment. I'm doing some catching up myself…I look forward to checking out your blog tomorrow! πŸ™‚


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