The Wake-up Call

In the quest for greater productivity, I decided to start waking up at 5 a.m., a time I swore to never see again after my last round of teaching in a high school.  However, I’ve tried this time for a week, and I have to admit, I don’t think I can go back to waking up an hour later.  Getting the chance to read my Bible without rushing, writing a full blog post, putting on clothes and make-up, and possibly throwing in a load of laundry or making a warm breakfast all before the kids wake up make this hideous start time completely worth it.  But for all the positives to this new routine, there were definitely some downsides, too:

– Realizing there was quite a bit more day left when I was ready to crash at 4 p.m.

– Having to adopt the bedtime of an 8 year old.

– Becoming that person who fell asleep at the church’s Christmas dinner while the speaker was pouring out her heart–hey, cut me some slack!  She didn’t start talking until after 8:30!

– Contemplating giving my son the keys to drive us home.  He is 4.

– Acknowledging that procreation is over for my husband and me because I will be sleeping (wait a minute–that one might fit in the positive category for now….)

– Welcoming the Mrs. Hyde version of myself who is scheduled to appear every Friday afternoon.


I may wake up early now, but I’ll never be a morning person.

8 thoughts on “The Wake-up Call

  1. Good for you for using your self-discipline to not only be more productive, but also to show your children what a person can accomplish when they have the right priorities. The last week or so I've slipped a bit and have missed some of my early morning Bible reading… Thanks for making me feel guilty!!! You've inspired me to get back on track. Thanks


  2. Am still laughing at the visual of C driving you home. Rest assured you won’t always have to wake up that early for “me” time. And, here i thought 6:00am is toxic for my health. Even the sound of “5” makes me shiver.


  3. Love the picture! I will never be a morning person either… AND I'm not disciplined enough to get up at 5am! (Well, unless you consider that I live on the West Coast… in which case I generally wake up even earlier than you do. Yes, I like this line of thinking!)
    I love the comment about adopting the bedtime of an eight year old. So, so true. If only we could adopt some of their energy too!


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