A Parable

There once was a mother who could be heard repeating the same phrases daily:

“Stop picking your nose! You’re going to get sick!”

“Wash your hands after you use the bathroom!  It’ll keep you from getting sick!”

“Eat your vegetables so you grow up healthy and strong–you don’t want to get sick!”

One Thanksgiving week this mother who always washed her hands got sick.

The same day she caught a stomach bug her husband who never picked his nose got sick.

The night before Thanksgiving a certain uncle who only ate organic food got sick.

Thanksgiving night the sweet aunt who picked up the mother’s children while wearing a mask (no kidding) when the mother was sick got sick.

Guess which turkeys didn’t get sick?

Moral of the story:  Mommies don’t know everything.

8 thoughts on “A Parable

  1. Mommies don't know everything it's true…but it's probably still a good idea to wash your hands, eat your veggies and you know, not pick your nose.


  2. Guess who got sick today. the Grammie who helped take care of the little ones along with Lisa and then went to your home to watch the kids again when you went seethe UGA Georgia Tech game.. And the little turkeys, thank God have not been sick yet. Only one left to go on this side of the family…… ME! Good post, Jen.



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