Even If I Don’t Feel Like It

Last night I thought about writing my ‘Focus On It Friday’ post, but honestly, I just didn’t want to write it.  I still don’t.  I’m angry and frustrated about some things, and my muse has left me.  I have nothing in my mind for inspiration, no little anecdotes to illustrate my thankfulness, yet as much as I tried to forget about this post for today, I couldn’t.  Because the truth is, no matter how I feel on any given day, I am truly blessed. Finding something for which I can give thanks is never difficult.

So with a grumpy heart, I offer a list.  Even though I don’t feel like it, even though I don’t have a great story, or even though I might but my sour mood makes writing one feel a little phony, I will remember all the reasons this week I have to say ‘thank you.’

1. For the 33 miners who were given a second chance at life

2. For a God who gave me a second chance at life, too

3. For the boss who offered my husband a few days a week of working a different schedule, thus giving us more time together as a family.

4. For the good daddy who treated our kiddos to pizza and ice cream and for those kiddos who shared their ice cream with their baby sister without being prompted to do so

5. For the Stevie Wonder-like dance the baby performed as a result of her sugar-induced high

6. For the compassion and gentleness my children showed a mentally-handicapped individual, even though, as they put it, they were initially ‘shy’

7. For the preschool teacher and administrative coordinator who showed understanding during a day when preschool just wasn’t going to happen for a certain little girl

8. For my dad who willingly rescheduled our breakfast date during that bad day and for a dad who wants to take his grown daughter out on a date in the first place

9. For my mom who babysat this Wednesday and brought dinner so that Matt and I could attend our small group

10. For my sister who throughout the week demonstrated more examples of a life centered around helping others than I could glean from most individuals in a year

Did you have a bad day or a bad week?  Could you add to this list, even if you didn’t feel like it?

5 thoughts on “Even If I Don’t Feel Like It

  1. This is a great post, Jen!!! You are so right about finding something to be thankful for, even when our spirits are low. God is awesome and grants us new mercies every day. I love you, dear daughter, and always look forward to our visits and chats. You are a wonderful person who is loved by many, many!!!!


  2. I had a sick kiddo for a few days this week, fluctuating fever, etc., really stresses me out…but…

    My kids are very healthy and bounce back so quickly from junk they catch. They eat well, sleep well – I am very thankful and praise Him for these blessings.

    And I get to be a stay-home-mom! Oh man am I ever thankful for this!


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