The Gift

When I hear people belt out the most beautiful melodies from their voices, filling a room with the sounds of angels, I want to be able to sing.  When I watch as two individuals extend their limbs into perfect lines, telling a story through their fingertips, I, too, wish I could dance.

Sometimes I see how God has gifted others and forget that He has given me a gift, as well:  I can write.  Now when I say that I can write, I offer this idea humbly, as I realize that I may never have a best-selling novel and am well-aware of my limitations.  However, I have always been blessed that, if an idea enters my head, I can turn that idea into a piece of writing.

When I was in school, I could turn out an essay in a relatively short amount of time.  I would jot down the supporting details and page numbers I wanted to use from the book or poem on which I was writing, write a first draft, proofread it once, and then print.  I rarely did multiple drafts, but more often than not, I made an ‘A’.

I never realized how lucky I was to have the ability to express my thoughts on paper until I started teaching.  I would watch as some students struggled to get the ideas from their head and turn them into sentences, and no matter the suggestions I gave, for some students writing would always be a challenge.

This past year has contained many challenges, yet writing has given me a joy.  When my mind feels clouded with angst due to struggles I am having parenting or when obstacles in my path cause me to trip, I find a great release after I type out a few words on my laptop.  When a current event is bothering me and I can’t wait to talk about it until Matt gets home, I write a blog and enjoy the adult conversation that follows.  And when I struggle with praying and can’t get my mind to focus, the sentiments swirling around in my soul find focus and meaning when I write them to God instead.

There are many talents in this world of which I could be envious, but God did not leave me empty-handed.  He gave me a talent that I can use to enjoy and to improve as a person and to offer as a gift to others who may benefit from the words that I write.

And He did not leave you empty-handed, either.  Our gifts may be different, and you may like mine while I envy yours, but God made each of us the way we are for a reason.  Whether you can strike up a conversation with a stranger and make him feel like he’s known you for years, or you can whip together the most scrumptious meal to offer the new family next door, you have a talent that you can use for good.

For this Focus on it Friday, what gift can you thank God for giving you? Take a moment and think about the talent God gave you, and share your thanks for it (or for anything this week for which you are thankful) with Him and in the comment section if you’re willing.  What a blessing to be able to say, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Psalm 139: 14)!

10 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. We are all part of the body, equipped with different gifts… beautiful reminder and such an encouraging post! I think my gift is meeting people and helping them get connected… probably how I earned the nickname "The Mayor" at a church in the past. 😉


  2. God has definitely given you the gift of expressing yourself beautifully through writing. I hope that you continue in the field of journalism. You know how proud I am of you…. you are an achiever and always put God in the forefront of your endeavor. I would like to think that "you are a chip off the old block." but you're not; you are Jennifer an individual that is very unique. God bless you. The only thing we have in common is the fact that I could always write a good essay or book report in school. It was the only way
    I could get a passing mark in English! How funny, my daughter, the "chip off the old block" chose a career in education as an 'English Literature teacher. Do you know the pressure you've put on me when I comment on your blog?? Proper grammar, punctuation, etc; as I told mentioned to you, my
    English teacher thought I should go to school for journalism. I thought I wanted to be a commercial artist. Please do not grade this comment!!!

    Well, I finally realize my gift is the study of the various kinds of pizza available.

    Love you,


    1. If it makes you feel any better, I reread this post at least three times and the specific line where I say I am a good writer about six or seven, yet I STILL had a typo!! Thankfully, two family members pointed it out for me. So much for good writing! 🙂 Thank you for the compliments, and thank you for passing on some of your pizza expertise!


  3. I thank God for gifting me with servanthood. I love doing for others; it always brings my heart gladness. Thank you Father for your love and grace. Thank you for all the gifts you love to give your children.


  4. You're a beautiful writer. I'm always inspired.

    I too am thankful for my gift of writing. I'm also thankful I can communicate with many different people on many different levels about many different topics. That gift has helped me out so much in my past working life. I'm sure it will continue to help me out in the future as well.


    1. You're right; being able to communicate through writing is definitely beneficial in the work force. In fact, I have found that being able to write has helped me even when I DIDN'T know what I was talking about!


  5. I can cook a mean meal and love to deliver it to the home of those who've recently had a baby or are sick, or I've been known to do it for a friend who has little ones @ home and they are all sick. Hello, who hasn't been there and thought, "oh for heaven sake, what am I going to feed these people for dinner"?!?! So, as a result, I make meals! And I love doing it.

    I have also been told that I'm an encourager. I'd like to think that is the case.

    Thank you Jennifer for your blog. I always love seeing a msg in my inbox that you've recently posted.


    1. I can tell that you're an encourager from our brief correspondence through our blogs–you've encouraged me today! And yes, taking meals to mommies at any time is a blessing! I love cooking, but I also love not having to cook!


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