Catching the Laughter

Sometimes I wish for them to grow up, to age one more year and gain a little more sense, a little more independence.

And other times, I watch as a sudden spirit of carefree blows in and tickles their toes, pushing them off their bottoms,

creating a primal urge to shed clothes, innocence throwing off underpants in exchange for hats.

And I laugh, I soak in the moment, holding it to my chest, locking it in my memory forever,

knowing that in the blink of an eye they will be grown,

longing to catch and relish in more moments while they’re little.

For this Focus on it Friday, I am thankful for a moment of uncontrollable laughter when I watched the joy of innocence.  For what are you thankful this week?

5 thoughts on “Catching the Laughter

  1. This post is just too cute and HG could possibly be starting a new style! I think i know whose idea this was. C’mon Jen, admit it; you came downstairs with your underpants on your head. haha:)

    Even though i grumbled yesterday about the high price of my car repairs, i thank God for it.

    Love ya,



    1. Sometimes they're so strange! We have no idea what happened–all we know is suddenly the two of them were naked, running through the house with their underpants on their head, when the moment before they were fully-clothed. Matt and I looked at each other shocked and then burst into laughter. There was nothing else to do!


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